He, she or it

Walk to the mirror. Stop, breathe and examine your face. Look at your brows and don’t relate them to Cara Delevingne’s and think they are less beautiful because they don’t look like hers. Find them good because they are naturally yours.

Keep on with your exploration. Stare at your eyes. Are they big? Small? Well-opened? Round or do they form a line? Doesn’t matter the shape they are or the color they have. It matter the way they look the world.

Touch your nose and like it because it’s the same that your dad has because that reminds you the family you are lucky to be part of.

With your fingertips touch your cheeks. Are they fullfilled? Bony? Don’t try to change them because an hour ago you saw a photography in the Vogue magazine of a famous and rich model who promoted an expensive contour kit and looked acceptable and fakeable beautiful on camera.

Love the shape of your lips and how they turn slightly pink on summer or darker when you just wake up in the morning.

Smile and care about people who knows you the most and who’s daily next to you tells you.

Be confident.

Like you hair, the way your hips fill your favourite blue jeans and your thights are volumed and bigger when you sit down in the couch because that’s real.

Like your arms, waist and chest. Take care of your skin to be healthy and like yourself.

Don’t cover up. Make it easy and simple. Why are we so obsessed on look like others that we think they are happy when maybe they are not?

Go outside, let the sun tan your skin if you fancy it while you practise your favourite outgoing activity. Don’t walk straight to the first beauty shop and buy the most expensive tan creme.

Put on that leggin you like because you feel great on it and join it with the old jacket you have been wearing for winters even though TV commercials say dark blue isn’t fashionable this season.

Take your beloved dress, skirt or flannel and wear it proudly and confidently.

Use your biggest smile as a complement to match those flat brown boots or black higheels.

Connect with people, love the fresh air and have an interesting conversation with the baker you see every morning but you haven’t talked to yet because you have been busy writting on the virtual platform which keeps you away from the real social life.

Take your time to know the world and everything that lives in it.

Understand all that sorrounds you and don’t let everything you don’t change you.

Feel free, loyal and enjoy this journey because life is a gift and some evil people like to destroy and ruin what envys them the most.

Value yourself as fairly as you deserve.

Written by CelebMix