Headstones Debut Album Is Still A Picture Of Health

Headstones are a punk influenced Canadian rock band that originate from Kingston, when first formed back in 1989 they consisted of vocalist Hugh Dillon, lead guitarist Trent Carr, bassist Tim White and drummer Mark Gibson who left the band shortly after Picture of Health toured.

They signed to MCA Records and on 1st June 1993 released their début album Picture of Health, and to quote Dillon himself  “this album inspired loyal die hard fans, built on our life experience.”

It was hungry, raw and darkly edgy covering seriously off-limits subjects such as suicide, drug addition and even necrophilia, but Dillon’s creatively hard hitting smart lyrics, powerfully rebellious guitar riffs and a fierce thumping baseline all contributed to the songs authenticity, add to that Dillon’s unmistakeably distinguished gravel voice this fledgling album soon became recognised, game changing and inspiring, it was music a generation wanted to hear and still do today.

Over the course of 2 years 5 tracks were released the first being “When Something Stands for Nothing” which was certified platinum by the CRIA, “Its All Over” Dillon wrote when he was living in London, England, “Tweeter and the Monkey Man” was heard by Dillon who played it for Carr and they quickly decided they wanted to make it their own so had to then legally acquire it from its original songwriters Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty & Jeff Lynn of the Travelling Wilbury’s and changing certain aspects to fit in with their own history it soon became a firm fan favourite, along with “Cemetery” and to this day its still considered the bands anthem, (who would have thought a song about digging up your dead girlfriend looking for love would be so popular) and last but in no way least “Three Angles” which although being a little softer doesn’t shy away from the struggles of drug addition and death.

Headstones Regina
Headstones Regina

As a break through album Picture of Health was truly exceptional with 11 out of the 13 tracks on it still preformed at live shows today and they haven’t aged or lost any of their ballsy in your face attitude, as a first album and after 23 years its still the fans all time favourite and with that being said all that’s left to say is if you don’t own a copy go buy one and for you to get the full effect of the darkness, rage and gritty it’s our way or no way standpoint is to play it loud, play it VERY LOUD!

  1. “It’s All Over” – 3:05
  2. “Heart of Darkness” – 2:56
  3. “When Something Stands for Nothing” – 3:37
  4. “Tweeter and the Monkey Man” – 3:38
  5. “Absolutely” – 3:14
  6. “Three Angels” – 4:03
  7. “Oh My God!” – 3:21
  8. “Losing Control” – 2:36
  9. “Cut” – 2:59
  10. “Judy” – 4:07
  11. “Won’t Wait Again” – 2:57
  12. “Where Does It Go?” – 4:15
  13. “Cemetery” – 3:01



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Written by Karon Hagon

Love all types of music but mainly punk rock and roll.....nothing better then live gigs.....I also play the drums.