Heartstopper Season 2 is coming in August (Image: Netflix / YouTube)
Heartstopper Season 2 is coming in August (Image: Netflix / YouTube)

Heartstopper Season 2: All you need to know as Netflix make major announcement

It’s been quite the day for Heartstopper fans and, just like the rest of the internet, we’ve been struggling to keep calm as Netflix announced the release date for Season 2.

We’ve just about pulled ourselves together enough now to round up today’s goings-on and explain exactly what it is Heartstopper fans need to know.

Lovers of Alice Oseman’s stories were put on high alert over the weekend as Netflix teased that big news regarding the show was to come during the week.

While some Heartstopper fans tried to will a surprise Season 2 drop into existence, it was always more likely to be an official date and that was indeed the case.

On Monday, Netflix confirmed that Heartstopper Season 2 would be released on August 3 this year, 16 months on from its debut season.

That first season of Heartstopper was an adorable, slow-burner and Nick and Charlie swooned for one another in front of their supportive and not-so-supportive friends – we’ll be hoping for better from you in the next season, Harry Greene.

Fans will journey with the cast to Paris in the second season of the show but there will also be scenes at the famous Truham Grammar High School.

Some fans will have poured over Oseman’s comic books and know roughly what is to come, but others will be going in blind, ready to experience it all fresh.

In a short promotional video released with the season two date announcement, actors from the show provided a few hints at what might be to come.

Kit Connor said: “Alice’s got some amazing scripts for us. It also feels cool and fresh, it is a different vibe to season one.”

Meanwhile, Yasmin Finney said: “There are just so many things that happen this season that you’re not ready for.”

If that doesn’t quite wet your appetite, CelebMix picked out five things we can’t wait to see in Heartstopper Season 2 earlier this week.

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