EXCLUSIVE: Heather Brave talks ‘Like a Wave’

We’re telling you right now, 20-year-old singer/songwriter Heather Brave is the one to watch when it comes to up and coming artists. The singer, who released her power-anthem ‘Like a Wave‘ last month, possesses a unique combination of magic-like songwriting skills, explosive vocals and the ability to create catchy tracks that’ll have you singing for days.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Heather about ‘Like a Wave’ as well as her future plans.

CM: How would you describe ’Like a Wave’?
Heather: Like a Wave is anthemic, empowering, and fun. It’s a song you sing loudly in the shower with no shame. It’s about going for it and believing in how you feel because it’s so worth it in the end.

CM: What inspired you to write the song?
Heather: I met this guy in a guitar store in LA and right away it was so obvious that there was a crazy energy between us that we both felt. Once I felt that, it was hard to deny, so I had to trust my feelings and run with it. It takes me over “Like a Wave,” but riding it is the best way to get through. The song is celebrating the moment you let go.

CM: What’s your favourite part about songwriting?
Heather: There’s no right or wrong answer. There are so many ways to take it. Also, it can be super personal and vulnerable and yet so universal and relatable at the same time. I love that it brings people together. It’s magic when I can go on talking about my own life while writing a song and the people I’m collaborating with just totally get it and we communicate it so truthfully in a song.

CM: What can you tell us about your forthcoming EP?
Heather: There’s a very common theme that is kind of my mantra which is to just go for it, embrace how you feel instead of hiding from it, just do you. Each song also represents a part of me, a musical inspiration to create a collage of all of the artists and vibes I’ve always loved. It’s so special to me and so transparently shows who I am. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

CM: Do you have any other plans for 2017?
Heather: I’ve been rehearsing with my band (Jamie, Vin, and Ben, all the love for you), and we’re beyond ready to get out there and start playing so stay tuned, and of course the “Like a Wave” video is on the way.

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