Here is Why ‘Stranger Things’ Is One of The Best Netflix Original Shows So Far


If you want a nostalgic trip to the days before the invention of cell phones, students depending on their professors for answers instead of Google, where arcade machines existed, along with some ultra-cool sci-fi filled thrilling story then watch Stranger Things. If you still want more reasons to watch Stranger Things continue reading. Stranger Things Season 2 is bigger, weirder, and eventually — better than the first season.


Stranger Things first season has only eight episodes


Stranger Things 2 has a play of what exactly is needed. The story is carved with the perfect ratio of suspense, amusement, horror and other elements. Most importantly it has a proper starting and finishing, there are many series which sometimes add a bad cliff-hanger at the end, leaving the fans baffled. Instead of adding unnecessary scenes containing useless arguments and unwanted appearances, the show must have a clear-cut script.


The show has an intense mystery


Stranger Things managed to pull off the balanced stunt between giving only the required level of revelation of the story while still maintaining the suspense. One of the series which failed to accomplish is the X-Files. Though it had some interesting content, it failed to manage a balanced ratio between suspense and revelation.


The nostalgia factor which is not picked up of late


What was the last show which had the timeline of the 80’s? That too when the lead roles are done by kids. A storyline which is based on the kids in the 80’s is one of the most interesting subjects to watch. Conveying the stories through the world of kids makes the series interesting and less complicated. Also, the expressions and actions of the kids when a plot twist unwinds is simply awesome and amusing.


The translation


If you are not going to watch Stranger Things in English, don’t worry. Many series and movies have earned bad names for their translation. Stranger Things was released in 130 countries – simultaneously. A good number of teams including the freelancers worked on to find the best possible translations for around 20 languages.


Also, the story had a lot of references and finding the equivalent references in other languages is surely a herculean task. It involves the translators to go through a lot of content and concepts. Like adding oil to the fire, the translation for 80’s phrases made the work more difficult. With an immense level of collaboration, the feat was successfully pulled off. One example is the Eggo waffles. It is said that the crew tracked down marketing materials which were years-old to incarnate in the series.


Plush Online Casino which tops the list of the best UK casino and has a wide range of collection of games says – it’s impossible to stop watching Stranger Things 2.  The entire music in the series are the ones which were released in the 80’s. This gives a complete feeling of immersion to the viewers. The end credit music and visual effects evoke the old memories.


Stranger Things is undoubtedly one of the well-scored series with great casting and a compelling story. It can be also enjoyed by people of various age groups.


Written by digidog sigi