Here's Why Promoting Indie Music Is Important

Here’s Why Promoting Indie Music Is Important

If you’re a fan of CelebMix, you’ve probably seen our “DISCOVER” articles on either your desktop or your mobile device. If you’ve ever clicked on one of these pieces, you’d know that these are all about new/upcoming artists as well as independent artists. Independent artists are musicians who have all the creative control due to not having a contract with a record label, also known as indie artists.

But why is it so important to discover these new artists? Well for one thing, it’s always good to expand your mind to new things. But what most people don’t realize is that their favorite artist didn’t just start out playing arena or stadium tours. They all started from the bottom, gaining their fan base slowly all the way to getting a record deal.

Taylor Swift was one of these independent artists before she was all over the radio and winning awards like ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammys. She was discovered by Scott Borchetta as an indie artist at Nashville’s The Bluebird Café back in 2005. The Dreamworks Records executive was preparing to form his own independent record label, now known as Big Machine Records.

Due to working hard as an indie artist and performing a gig at right time and place, Taylor made it as one of the first artists that Scott signed to his label. Finding gigs is just one way to get your music noticed, but nowadays musicians are able to use the world wide web in order to get recognized. Doing both of these tactics isn’t easy, which is why promoting indie music is important.

On websites like, independent artists are able to upload, connect, share, and explore with a group of other independent artists. Musicians are able to expand their audience to other people who love and appreciate music, as well as meet other people with the same dream.

Once these musicians upload their music, they’re able to connect and expand with their audience by sharing their links to Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, and more. But what most people don’t know is that they don’t have to buy an independent artists’ t-shirt, album, single, or even concert ticket in order to help them strive. Sometimes we just don’t have the money in order to do that. But what you can do is use social media in order to promote music online.

When you’re using social media as well as websites like to discover new artists, the possibilities of your support are endless. Sharing one of your favorite musicians tweet or music video link can easily help spread awareness of that person’s work, therefore making you a part of promoting music.

The music industry is tough, but with your help, these new and upcoming artists can really become something special. You can be part of making someones dream come true. Back in 2005 nobody may have known who Taylor Swift was, but they sure do now.

If you’re a lover of music, Promote Music Online.

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Written by Melanie Gomez

Hi! I'm Mel. I graduated with a BA in print journalism with music management as my minor. I loved music since I was a kid because it was always a way my family and I bonded, as well as a way to express myself on my own time as I got older. I’m not a singer and I don’t play an instrument, so my way of being part of the music industry is by getting to write about the music I love in various reviews and through my concert photography. Another goal? To make people smile.

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