Heroes Honoring Heroes at Wizard World Chicago

On August 18th the city of Chicago was overtaken by fans of some of the biggest comic books, television, film, and characters in pop culture!  Wizard World Comic Con stopped into the Donald E Stephen’s Convention Center and the world was transformed for everyone who entered. Amidst the larger than life names in entertainment and the heroes that give hope to fans all across the world; Chicago honored some of its own larger than life heroes and the celebrities at Wizard World’s Comic Con got in on the action.

Getty Images Wizard World
Getty Images Wizard World

The ceremony began with Wizard World CEO John Maatta took the stage to explain the importance of the Heroes Honoring Heroes segment of Wizard World Chicago and what it meant to be part of something bigger than themselves.

LA is the land of superheroes and fantasy and as we travel the world we want to show honor to the real life heroes of every day.

One by one, some of the biggest names in the industry took the stage to speak about the heroic actions of the larger than life figures they were honoring in Chicago.  From public servicemen to firefighters; the lives of Chicago locals had all been touched by their selflessness. Lou Ferrigno, Ralph Macchio, Cerina Vincent, Jason Mewes and Ray Santiago all passed off engraved Captain America Sheilds to the men they honored in front of fans at Wizard World. it was a humbling experience.

Of the ceremony, Ray Santiago said this about his involvement.

I play someone trying to save the world from evil and these are actual heroes who dedicate their lives intricately to save the lives of people in their own city. It’s an honor to be part of heroes honoring heroes.

Lou Ferrigno had this to say of being asked to honor the local heroes, and as a public serviceman himself, he had some reflection on how hard, yet rewarding, their careers are.

I’m a deputy sheriff and first responder and the skill that is put forth in these jobs is important.  It’s nice to put the people, excellence, and kindness of Chicago on display.

Jason Mewes took a humorous approach to describing what being part of the ceremony meant to him.

It made me tickle in my lower regions because I got to get really close to Sgt. Blake Fiorito with my groin. No really, they kept pushing me into him.

After the heroes were honored, a small brunch was held in their honor before they put down their newly polished shields and went back to protecting the city that they love.

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