Hey Violet Announce Iain Shipp As New Bassist

Around a year ago, Hey Violet’s previous bassist and lead singer, Rena Lovelis, announced that she would no longer be playing bass at live shows so she could work on her vocal and performance skills. Instead, they had Iain Shipp as the band’s temporary bassist, or at least that’s what Ultraviolets thought.

Earlier today, Hey Violet tweeted out saying they wanted to officially welcome Iain to the band.

Hey Violet’s fans were thrilled to hear the news and gave Iain a warm welcome. After adding Hey Violet’s Twitter to his bio, he tweeted out a thank to fans adding how excited he is to be a part of the “family”.

Within the time that Iain has been working with Hey Violet they’ve become very close friends. Apart from jamming out on stage together every night they’ve also raided Roy English’s closet together! Clearly, a band that raids closets together stays together.

We’re thrilled to hear this incredible news and we can’t wait to see what’s to come for Hey Violet!

Hey Violet Announces Iain Shipp As New Bassist 1
From left to right; Nia Lovelis, Iain Shipp, Rena Lovelis, Miranda Miller, and Casey Moreta rock Roy English’s shirts!

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