Hey Violet Drop Banging New Music Video for “Break My Heart”

Our favourite alt-pop band Hey Violet have just dropped a smashing new music video for their latest single “Break My Heart”, and we are head-over-heels in love with it. There are a million and one things we love about the video, so let’s just name a couple shall we?

We’ve said time and time again that Break My Heart is banger, so we were expecting the video to match that of the song. Let’s just say, the video went above and beyond our expectations. Hey Violet always have loads of fun in their videos, so we weren’t at all shocked to see heads banging, hard core jumping, and confetti during the video. The fun they have in the video is quite contagious, as we can’t help but jump around while listening to the song either.

The whole theme of the video is another one of the things we love. The concept of a high school heartbreak/relationship-gone-south is something that we can all relate to on a global scale. The locker room and cheerleaders were a nice touch, might we add. And after seeing this video, suddenly high school heartbreaks don’t seem as bad anymore, when the band just turned it into the celebration of a lifetime.

What really brought this video to life was not only the sound but the lights, the colour, and of course the band themselves. They looked kickass during their little hallway party, jamming out and having fun with confetti blowing everywhere, streamers and balloons hanging off the walls, and glitter all over the floor, during certain scenes in the video.

We especially want to call out Rena who looked absolutely badass smashing a piñata with a baseball bat, and rocked a red tracksuit, a fur coat, AND a red Break My Heart letterman jacket (that we love so much and hope the band decide to release as merch, because we’d totally buy it).

Once again, Hey Violet have slayed us with their existence and we’re sure they’ll slay your’s too, once you watch the music video below!

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Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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