Hey Violet Embrace their Inner Outsider with New Single “O.D.D.”

Vibrant pop-punk band Hey Violet has just released a new single called “O.D.D.” from their fast-approaching debut album From The Outside. The song is the fourth official studio track to be released, although the band has performed several additional tracks that will be included on the album at live gigs, most notably “Hoodie” and “Unholy”. “O.D.D” comes to us just two weeks before the release of From The Outside, and fans are more excited about the release than ever before.

Co-written with Sizzy Rocket, “O.D.D.”  is a song about the universally relatable topics of loneliness and feeling like an outsider. Before the band performs the song live, frontwoman Rena Lovelis tells the audience: “We all feel different sometimes, we all feel a little out of place, a little messed up, and honestly, it’s okay and it only makes you human.” With tinges of desperation and uneasiness, the track is said to be one of the most introspective songs on From The Outside. However, while discussing “O.D.D.” in a recent interview with Rookie Magazine, Lovelis emphasized a positive message behind the song, saying: “It’s OK to be yourself, to have your own opinions, and voice. You should never apologize for that.”

The band also decided to release a visualizer to accompany the new single. Quite different to anything they’ve done before, the visualizer is a brightly coloured, slow-moving animation. It reflects the feelings of isolation in the track itself, depicting a town without residents- with the exception of a lively crowd at a music venue. Of course, the video adheres to the signature bright pink and blue colour scheme of Hey Violet, making it rather mesmerizing to watch.

Dedicated Hey Violet fans are loving the official version of “O.D.D.” and the accompanying visualizer. Some deemed it an anthem “for anyone who is struggling to find their place”, while others praised the relatability and emotional depth of the song.

The self-reflective track is a change of pace yet a strong follow-up to the four previously released tracks on the album: “Brand New Moves”, “Break My Heart”, “Guys My Age”, and “Fuqboi”. Hey Violet’s debut album From The Outside is set to release in just two weeks, on June 16th. It is available to pre-order now on iTunes.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.