HGH And Celebrities: Why Actors Over 50 Resort To HRT

 Importance Of Maintaining Normal HGH Levels In Adults

While most individuals may associate the term HGH with the growth of organs and tissues throughout childhood, it is also a vital substance for older adults. As an individual grows in age after they have reached their third decade of life, they experience a natural reduction in the amount of this hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. Changes that take place in an individual’s body that may be attributed to a natural decrease in human growth hormone secretion may include:
• Increased quantity of adipose tissue, especially in the abdominal area
• Reduced hair and or nail growth
• Decreased levels of energy and stamina
• Reduced vision
• Foggy memory
• Inability to focus
• Weakened immune system
• Decreased muscle mass and strength
• Reduced ability to control blood sugar levels
• Poor sleep quality
• Greater risk of osteoporosis development
Many of these changes related to aging and reduced secretion of growth hormone in older adults are amplified in individuals who are affected by a condition that is referred to as HGH-deficiency.

According to hghtherapydoc.com, Human growth hormone deficiency develops in an individual when their pituitary gland does not produce an adequate amount of growth hormone for their respective life stage. Maintaining normal levels of growth hormone in the years following the third decade of life is crucial to keeping vital organs and tissues healthy and maintaining an optimal quality of life.

How Older People Can Benefit From Growth Hormone

HGH is a type of peptide hormone that is produced by an individual’s body in order to promote processes of cell reproduction, cell growth, and cell regeneration. When an individual’s pituitary gland secretes growth hormone, it is only available in its active form in the bloodstream for several minutes. An organ that is referred to as the liver takes the growth hormone in the bloodstream and synthesizes it into numerous substances that are called growth factors. The quantity of these growth factors experiences a parallel reduction in quantity with the reduction of growth hormone secretion as an individual grows older.
Fortunately, HGH can be replaced in the body through the use of human growth hormone therapy or HRT. Treatment with the use of HRT in men is known to:
• Help tighten loose skin that has lost its elasticity
• Help treat erectile dysfunction
• Increase the growth of hair
• Improve cognitive function
• Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
Treatment with the use of HRT in women is known to:
• Balance out the ratio of body fat and lean muscle tissue
• Normalize irregular sleep patterns
• Increase skin elasticity 
• Promote a strong immune system
• Increase bone strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
• Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
An increase in the synthesis of a substance that is called collagen is how human growth hormone helps increase an individual’s muscle strength and endurance. Growth factors that are produced by this hormone have an ability to increase the speed of bone regeneration in an individual, making them less susceptible to fractures and breaks. HGH helps an individual maintain a proper body fat percentage through speeding up the process of lipid breakdown or lipolysis.

Actors And Actresses Stories

Numerous actors and actresses have utilized HRT to help decrease their unpleasant symptoms that have manifested due to age-related decreases in human growth hormone secretion.
Sylvester Stallone, the actor who plays the famous “Rocky Balboa,” has discussed his use of human growth hormone under the advice and supervision of his physician in several interviews. Sylvester does not feel that it is a magic potion of sorts, but HRT helps with his levels of endurance and reducing the amount of recovery that is required following exercise. Both of which he has claimed to place wear and tear on his body as he grows older.
Actress Suzanne Somers began HRT prescribed by her physician when she didn’t feel like herself anymore due to the effects of aging. She utilizes it to help protect her body against the diseases of aging, increased quality of life, and increased bone density. She explains that the benefits of HRT correlate with being prescribed the correct amount, and taking excessive amounts can be dangerous.
 If the symptoms of low growth hormone secretion sound oddly familiar to you as an aging adult, you may be experiencing the beginning stages of human growth hormone deficiency. While the secretion of HGH does decline over time, it should not impair the quality of your everyday life. Reach out to your physician to see if you may be able to benefit from therapy with the use of HRT.



Written by Monella