Hidden Hits: “Dead Leaves” by BTS – A Tale of Failed Love

Here at CelebMix, we love a good hit single. However, some singles never achieve the success they truly deserved. Therefore, we present to you our latest weekly feature – ‘Hidden Hits’. Within this feature, we will discuss a ‘hidden hit’, discuss the success it achieved, the success it should’ve achieved and why it should’ve achieved that success.

There is a reason why Suga is looked up to by the music fraternity. His creative genius is food to a melomaniac and he knows how to satiate the hunger.

People might see him as a “blunt” individual who makes a point of expressing his opinions but at the same time, he is a professional who has an in-depth knowledge of the significance and weight carried by each emotion and word in a single.

Recently, Suga won an award for producing Suran’s single “Wine” but this isn’t the only project taken up by the artist. The rapper and composer has been actively writing, composing and producing singles for BTS ever since the group’s debut. For all his projects, Suga bares his soul and presents his most authentic self to the listener. He isn’t just a good rapper and composer but also a very responsible one.

While “Dead Leaves” is just one of the many songs produced by Min Yoongi, it holds special place in ARMYs hearts. The reason lies in its narrative. The song helps listener go into the psyche of the artist and perceive situation from his point of view but at the same time, lets him/her reflect on their own situations and problems.

Sadly, the song did not receive the kind of attention it deserved and got lost amongst the plethora of songs released by BTS.

Thematically, sonically and lyrically, “The Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt. 2” is a well produced album. It comprises of some of the best songs written and sung by the boys. No wonder that a masterpiece like “Dead Leaves” belongs to this set. Written and produced by Suga, Slow Rabbit and Pdogg, the song talks about the culmination of a relationship using the imagery of autumn and the metaphor of wither.

It showcases the yearning of a lover who wishes to get back to his/her love. All the stanzas in the song alternate between the sad reality and wishful thinking of a union. “Dead Leaves” depicts how we as humans try to hold onto things we are destined to loose.

With careful consideration of peculiarities carried by each member, the team has made an effort to distribute the parts equally amongst seven members. If you are the kind of fan who loves to hear each and every member’s part in a song, then, “Dead Leaves” is a treat you cannot miss. Jungkook and Jimin’s powerfully intense vocals contrast well with Jin and V’s sultry voice. RM, J-Hope and Suga’s parts too stand out in the single.

The group did not release the song as a single but the boys did perform it live at several occasions. We hope to see more performances of the single in the future concerts.

BTS is known as the group that talks about things and events that are part and parcel of people’s lives. The events include failed love stories, beautiful friendships, hardships, success and much more. As a standalone single, “Dead Leaves” offers a glimpse of what the boys aim to achieve through their music.

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