Hidden Hits: Jonas Brothers’ ‘Pom Poms’

Here at CelebMix, we love a good hit single. However, some singles never achieve the success they truly deserved. Therefore, we present to you our latest weekly feature – ‘Hidden Hits’. Within this feature, we will discuss a ‘hidden hit’, discuss the success it achieved, the success it should’ve achieved and why it should’ve achieved that success.

When the Jonas Brothers announced their comeback in 2013 after a four-year hiatus hearts all over the world began to beat again for Kevin, Joe and Nick as the bounced back with the massive pop infused ‘Pom Poms’ which was co-written by Paul Phamous and produced by Nick Jonas.

The song was well received by listeners and was critically acclaimed by music insiders but for some reason the catchy single failed to gain the chart recognition we feel it so rightly deserved. It’s hard to believe that a Jonas Brothers comeback single could go under the radar but that is exactly what happened with ‘Pom Poms’ and we still can’t work out why.

On the face of it, it had all the markings of a classic JoBro’s release, brilliant guitar from Kevin, standout vocals from Joe, and steller lyrics from Nick. It was hallmark of a classic boyband hit but it didn’t top the charts in any country.

It reached number 60 in the US, number 57 in Canada and its highest peak of 9 in Ukraine. When it first dropped it looked set to become a worldwide smash hit but at that time there was an influx of boybands taking over the world including the domination of One Direction which just seemed to work against ‘Pom Poms’.

But while it never set the charts alight it will always remain in the hearts of true Jonas Brothers fans as a brilliant piece of pop history and a classic release from the boys.

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