High Heels Leads to Better Sex Life says Michaela Vybohova

Well the time has come to stand for high heels. No matter at how many instances high heels have been cursed for ill health or painful walk but now recent studies have wrecked all the myths. Research has proved that rather than creating problems, high heels boost women sexual life. If you can still  can’t gulp it, heed what super model, successful entrepreneur and fabulous shoe designer Michaela Vybohova has revealed. Michaela says “Walking with High Heels Assures Intense Sex Life”. Yes it’s as true as her leap and laurels in the world of fashion.

 A Slovakian based model Michaela Vybohova had an eye for style since she was a child. At 16, she discovered the opportunity to knock the world with her talent, creativity and zeal to become a model. From Prague to Turkey and rest of Europe Michaela began her journey to establish herself in the world of fashion. No matter big or small, whatever opportunity came her way; it empowered and strengthened her to fly high. Michaela’s rare fashion sense and her mother’s constant support turned her hard work into success. Being only 23 years, Michaela today holds many contracts to her name; made to the hub of fashion, the New York City; launched her widely popular shoe brand Michaela V, grasped the privilege of being on the multiple magazine covers and her designer client list goes on.

 Michaela’s conviction and sincerity has brought her this far. Her brand Michaela V is working to provide women not just great pair of shoe for every occasion but to enable them to pass on a legacy of quality and comfort with a touch of self-attachment. Going with the Italian research, Michaela V strongly believes the fact that high heels are no longer problem creator, in fact they put an end to so many fuss related to women. She says that wearing the right high heels is a complete game changer and therefore high heels can be considered as women’s best friend for years to come.

 Actually, in women’s body pelvic floor muscles are considered to be something very vital in holding pelvic organs as well as they are a very big support for sexual acts too. Women after delivering babies or with age gradually tend to lose the elasticity of these muscles. Also, by not following the exact exercises meant for pelvic muscles, religiously, makes the situations adverse for them. Therefore keeping the pelvic floor muscles toned and flexible is really necessary not just for maintaining the sexual appeal but for sexual health as well. With this research, High Heels has come out to be the best solution for all of these universal struggles in women.

 To make wearing heels more happening, Michaela Vybohova, apart from her world of modeling, fashion, designing and clothing, is coming up with another season of shoe designing under her renowned brand Michaela V. This time promoting the cause ‘High Heels Leads to Better Sex Life’, Michaela V is coming up with new range of sandals, stilettos and comfy boots altogether. Also, you will be surprised to know that this ‘me it will all be a customized affair to empower and enhance the demands of the customers. The brand is going to give its clients a unique opportunity to have their initials on their pair of shoes to flaunt. Isn’t it exciting!

 Well the concept is crystal clear, wearing any piece of shoe from Michaela V will not just take care of your looks but they will help you to hold men’s attention too. So, higher the heels would be more attention on the men would pay at you. The heels from Michaela V will not only give an angle to your feet but they will also define your exceptional striking posture, not to men’on your new confidence that comes with it. Michaela V in simple words is a synonym for style and health together for women of today. So, what are you wai’ng for, grab your favorite pair to feel the difference.

Written by CelebMix