High School Musical 4 is happening!

The High School Musical franchise is dear to many who watched the lives of Gabriella, the new girl and Troy, the popular basketball player, unfold as they finally got up the courage to try out for their high school’s musical and realized that it’s better to be yourself than to “stick to the status quo.”  A ten year reunion of the first installment of the largely famous, High School Musical films was a highlight of this year.  It was a chance to see the main cast back together (minus Zac Efron) and to hear them discuss their favorite moments of filming.  Even though none of the original cast members have been hinted at being included, it looks as though we can revisit East High with a new cast!

Disney Channel has announced that High School Musical 4 will definitely be happening!  Now even though it is literally “the start of something new,” this is a chance for people to relive the magic of the first three films as well as introduce this fourth film to a new audience that may have been too young to watch the first one when it came out.

Even though this will be the fourth film, a writer of the previous three, Peter Barsocchini has co-wrote the fourth film with Dan Berendsen, who wrote Hannah Montana: The Movie.  So we know we are in good hands when it comes to the witty and fun humor of the previous films.  Jeff Hornaday who directed Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie as well as Teen Beach Movie 2 will direct this fourth chapter of High School Musical.

In this upcoming film, we are hoping for some great characters, relationships, rivalries, and of course catchy music with fantastic dance numbers!  Gary Marsh, President and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide put it well, “High School Musical is part of Disney Channel’s DNA.  It embodies all that we stand for.  As a way of continuing to embrace that heritage, we’re excited to announce ‘the start of the something new’ – as we launch a search for a new class of East High Wildcats to star in a fourth installment of the High School Musical franchise.”


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Written by Elissa Rose

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