High School Musical: Troy and Gabriella’s 10 Cutest Moments

With the 10 year anniversary of High School Musical’s debut release, it’s only fitting that we take a look back at our favourite moments from the films, in particular, Troy and Gabriella.

1. The Start of Something New – HSM1


Where better to start than at the beginning? For the past ten years, we’ve all wished for our own New Years moment, singing karaoke with a stranger and falling in love.

2. Can I Have This Dance? – HSM3

High School Musical 3 sees the seniors preparing for the long-awaited prom night, and Troy has to teach Gabriella how to waltz. Not only this, but the couple sing the song when he visits her at Stanford University.

3. The Secret Garden – HSM1


When Troy introduces Gabriella to his favourite place in the school: the roof garden. Swinging her around like that would surely make her dizzy, but we want it all the same.

4. Dancing in the Sprinklers – HSM2

High School Musical: Troy and Gabriella's 10 Cutest Moments 1

When all is back to how it was, with Troy and Gabriella reunited as boyfriend and girlfriend, they dance around the club in the sprinklers with their friends, sharing their first kiss together once again.

5. The Necklace – HSM2

High School Musical: Troy and Gabriella's 10 Cutest Moments 1

Oh, how our hearts melted when Troy gave Gabriella a T necklace to remember him by. With true romance style, he turns her around and places it around her neck, only allowing her to see it when it’s dangling by her heart.

6. Gabriella’s Talent Show Surprise – HSM2

When Troy expects to be entering the Star Dazzle talent show with Sharpay, he’s stunned when his partner turns out to be Gabriella. This is all thanks to the Wildcats and Mathletes, who teach Troy the ‘new song’ he is to sing.

7. “Did somebody order a pizza pie?” – HSM3

When Troy finds out Gabriella is contemplating staying in Albuquerque to be closer to him, he climbs to her balcony once again, this time with a picnic, trying to convince her that Stanford is the place for her.

8. What I’ve Been Looking For – HSM1

Troy and Gabriella are denied an audition for the school play after arriving late, but when Kelsi reveals how the song is supposed to sound the pair’s voices instantly merge in perfect harmony, attracting the attention of Ms Darbus, giving them the callback they deserve. The slowed reprise has a much more intimate feel to it than Sharpay and Ryan’s version.

9. When There Was Me and You – HSM1

The basketball team trick Troy into saying that Gabriella is not important to him and Gabriella responds with this massive power ballad which she sings through the halls of East High, featuring a larger than life sized poster of Troy and The Wildcats.

10. Zanessa

High School Musical: Troy and Gabriella's 10 Cutest Moments 1

We couldn’t have been happier for Zac and Vanessa when we heard the couple had gotten together in real life. However, no one can honestly say they weren’t a tiny bit jealous that they had no chance with the hottest celebs of our youth.

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