High Stakes and Casino Drama – Acing the Blackjack Inspired Movies

The best action always happens in the casino. Whether you are a movie buff or someone who just dips their toes in the sea of films occasionally, you know what we’re talking about. When you see all those danger-eyed women, glasses full of whiskey, expensive suits, and high stakes – you know what you’re in for as soon as the casino scene comes on.

As one of the most popular games in the world, blackjack has attracted serious amounts of attention from players and watchers alike.

While we usually associate it with land-based casinos, the popularity of the game led to the expansion to the online realm, so today you can find this game and all its online blackjack variants in numerous sites across the virtual world.

It’s no wonder then, that so many Hollywood movies emerged with themes revolving around this specific game. In case you are searching for something to satisfy your blackjack thirst while taking a respite from your playtime, we hereby present a list of must-watch movies that are sure to inspire a healthy dose of suspense.

Let’s get right to it!


Although it is not the first one to feature blackjack as the central theme, this movie is one of those suspenseful, intriguing movies that sport some copious amounts of badass card counting techniques.

Hands down, it is the best choice when it comes to casino drama spiked with elements of action and, of course, flair of romance. The main character joins the card counting club of MIT students as he looks for ways to acquire some much-needed dough. There he encounters a rather unorthodox professor (insert Kevin Spacey) that teaches them ways to beat the houses in Las Vegas. The mentioned casino drama ensues as they get to Vegas and start using the tricks they picked up during their extracurricular activities.

The Last Casino

The previous movie did gather loads of praise, but the Canadians have their own version of the movie as well. The setting is the same – a peculiar teacher trains a few of his students in tricks for counting cards in blackjack and then takes them on an adventure.

Both this movie and 21 are based on the real story of MIT students who, under the guidance of their professor, reaped thousands of dollars from casinos worldwide. A good dose of action, some feuds within the group as the greed grows, and amazing acting makes this movie a great choice if you’re interested in movies that are not Hollywood-produced.

Stacy’s Knights

Old is gold, as they say. This movie was released back in 1983 and is still considered to be among the top blackjack movies ever made. The story follows a young girl Stacy as she is learning the ropes of blackjack. She’s assisted by Will who teaches her some useful techniques as card counting and they start scooping money.

Then some drama happens, Will gets killed, and our Stacy decides to go on a mission seeking revenge. With the help of some of the recruits whom she trains in the art of blackjack, she returns to the casinos determined to score some big amounts of money – because that’s how you avenge your loved ones.

Rain Man

Although this movie is not specifically about blackjack, the game is a big part of the whole story. The main protagonist, played by Tom Cruise, learns that he has a brother who is autistic. As most of his inheritance will go to said brother, Tom Cruise goes to meet him and decides to take care of him. While taking care of him, the protagonist and his girlfriend soon realize that his newfound brother is a mathematical genius.

His mathematical abilities prove to be very useful when they find themselves in Las Vegas and start counting cards in blackjack in order to obtain cash which Tom Cruise needs to pay off his debts. The focus might be on the brothers and their relationship, but the element of comedy and casino scenes will be definitely worth your time.

But there is more fish in the sea! As we go through lists of movies that feature risky challenges and situations fuelled with adrenaline, we couldn’t possibly forget the famous agent James Bond. Even though we usually see James sipping his martinis at the poker tables, his broad range of interests includes blackjack as well. His mastery of the game is depicted in License to Kill, where in one scene he wipes the floor with his enemies while playing cards. Typical James.

Written by CelebMix