Hilary Duff Adds a New Member to Her Family

On Tuesday night, The Younger star took to Instagram and Twitter to introduce an adorable rescued Black Labrador Mix, whom she adopted and is now officially a part of the Hilary Duff clan.

Hilary Duff’s new Black Labrador Mix

Meet Momo @loveleorescue thank you for this sweet addition  #rescuepup #chug   – via @HilaryDuff on IG

Momo/Bean via instagram

The 29-year-old actress initially named him “Momo” But soon posted another photo saying “Guys. My mom needs help. Should it be Momo? Should it be Bean? Momo or Bean? Hello! Name me please! Woof (that’s thanks in dog) and goodnight @loveleorescue #nameme”

Hilary asked her twitter and instagram followers to help her decide on the name. (that’s over 12 Million followers in total) She adopted the lab mix from an LA based group, Love Leo Rescue, where he was known as “Mojito”.

Hilary Duff’s Clan


Her French Bulldog, Peaches via instagram

Peaches was added to the family after the heartbreaking death of her other french bulldog, Beau.


The Bernese Mountain dog, Dubois via Instagram

and of course we can’t forget Luca!

Luca Comrie via instagram

We love this little guy and can’t wait to see what she decides!

What do you think his name should be? Momo? Bean? Let us know over on Twitter @CelebMix!

Written by CelebMix