Hilary Duff And Prince Harry?

Hilary Duff is single and ready to mingle. So naturally when she was on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Ellen had to play matchmaker.

Ellen had Hilary choose between two male celebrities and didn’t get too far. Her first choice: Prince Harry or Harry Styles; Her pick Prince Harry. She was then showed the likes of Nick Jonas, Andrew Garfield, basically every attractive male celebrity, and time and time again she choose a certain ginger prince.

What Ellen doesn’t know is Prince Harry expressed a crush on Miss Duff, over ten years ago!

Back when Hilary was a Disney Channel princess playing Lizzie McGuire, the Prince was asked who he had a crush on a said her! Miss Duff was dating the likes of Aaron Carter at the time. Recall that tween-age drama/feud with Lindsay Lohan? Recently Aaron has come out to say he is still madly in love with Hilary and wants to make up (and make out).

There were rumors at the time of phone numbers being exchanged from the prince but nothing seemed to come of it. A moot point, maybe?

Hilary seems pretty keen on Harry and last we heard, the prince is single. We think a meet up is in order! Maybe a nice casual cafe lunch. Prince Harry could take her on a tour of his kingdom. Hilary could take him to New York to see her tape her hit TV show Younger.

We’re hoping these two get together, but either way Hilary is a princess in our eyes.

Watch the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ4_2b4zor0

Written by CelebMix