A history of Larry hugs

Last night, One Direction’s On The Road Again tour went out with a bang, and there was a little bit of something for everyone during the concert.

Although I, along with thousands of other fans across the globe, sat there watching the concert through unreliable livestreams, I have to say that it was one of the best (most emotional) nights ever. Massive shout out to those of you that tried to reach out to us with your Periscope streams – it’s not your fault they kept crashing, there was almost 30,000 of us trying to watch at once.

From each of the boys thanking each and every one us of for what we’ve done for them over the past five years tons of times (and getting pretty emotional about it) to them dancing like lunatics to the end of Act My Age (which they played multiple times), it was truly a night to remember.

In fact, there’s one thing that might stay in the fans’ heads for quite some time.

The Larry Hug™

Now, before I get a load of hate thrown my way for ‘making a big deal about it,’ I want to stop you right there. It’s actually alright to make a fuss about it. In case you happened to forget, Louis and Harry haven’t shown proper interaction on stage for quite some time and this is a massive step in seeing the pair get back to how they used to be.

Yes, I totally get that it was just a hug, and that the rest of the boys were hugging too because it’s the end of the tour, but really, truly, does that matter? Right now, I’m not bothered if you don’t ship Larry; that’s beside the point.

The hug was special because anything even remotely similar hadn’t happened in so long.

You ship Larry? Cool. You don’t ship Larry? Cool. However, that doesn’t give you the right to attack those that do because they’re happy about what happened. They’re allowed to enjoy it. As long as they’re not directly shoving it in Harry and Louis’ face, how they’re feeling is 100% OK.

The point is, those two boys are a part of your favourite band. What happened was cute – all the hugs were adorable. So, quit being rude about it and accept what happened. If them hugging really offends you that much, just ignore it.

I’d also like to point out that this hug acts as a massive ‘screw you’ to that article from yesterday that tried to say that Harry and Louis absolutely hated and couldn’t stand being near each other. Ha.

So, to all the Larry shippers – and non Larry shippers who are being cool about this – HOW DARN CUTE? Here’s a little reminder especially for you:


So now I want to delve into a history of hugs between the pair:

  1. Remember when the boys got put together on The X Factor and all Louis and Harry could do was run into each others arms? (Really, how could you forget?)

The First One

2. When Louis came back from the hospital after his foot got stung by a sea urchin at judges houses – bless his heart

A history of Larry hugs 2

3. When the boys went to Wembley to watch a game

A history of Larry hugs 3

4. During The X Factor tour (more of a loving embrace)

A history of Larry hugs 4

5. One of everyone’s all time favourites – not so much of a hug, but still important

A history of Larry hugs 5

6. X Factor Question Time

A history of Larry hugs 6

7. More X Factor

A history of Larry hugs 7

8. And again

A history of Larry hugs 8

9. Behind The Scenes of What Makes You Beautiful

A history of Larry hugs 9

10. Received with open arms

A history of Larry hugs 10

11. Up All Night tour *cries*

A history of Larry hugs 11


A history of Larry hugs 13

13. The VMAs 2012

A history of Larry hugs 12

14. Louis’ football game

A history of Larry hugs 1415. And finally, after quite some time, we have the last OTRA date

A history of Larry hugs 15

And just a final (lingering) little touch:

A history of Larry hugs 16

For now, it’s goodbye boys. Rest well and we’ll see you soon.

All the love.

Written by CelebMix