#HistoryDay – 16/01/16

The time is here ladies and gents to promote One Direction’s new single, History! The 16th January is quickly approaching which means we’re both in the middle of History month and almost ready for #HistoryDay!

What’s #HistoryDay?

History Day was created by the same people who created Project No Control and History Month where Directioners helped showcase some of 1D’s most underrated songs! On January 16th, the fandom will trend #HistoryDay, phone into magazines, newspapers, radio stations, and whoever will listen to get them to play or write about History.  The aim is to get History the publicity it deserves! Basically, if you helped take part in Project No Control, you know what do to.

Also, don’t forget to buy History on iTunes, play it on Spotify, and Shazam it when possible! The more listens it gets, the higher up the charts it will go! You can even stream it on YouTube, every view and listen counts at the end of the day. We want to get History to number one in as many countries as possible before it’s released as a single. If you can’t afford it but want to help, there will be plenty of accounts on Twitter gifting it to their followers! Just check the hashtag on January 16th.


Good luck and let’s get downloading!

Written by CelebMix