H&M’s Katy Perry Winter Campaign Is An Outstanding Success

If you’ve been near any H&M this Christmas season, you’ll notice that Katy Perry has taken over H&M as the face and ambassador during this wintry celebration.

In fact, she even released a christmas season song entitled ‘Holiday’ that regularly plays at H&M stores with a cute and cheesy introduction line before the song blasts for all to hear.

For the fall season, the global retailer also collaborated with another artist named Foxes, a Grammy award winning musician hailing from the U.K. She’s best known for her smash hit ‘Let’s Go For Tonight’ as well as ‘Clarity’ which earned her the Grammy for best dance recording with Russian-German DJ Zedd.

If you’re still looking for that great ‘after Christmas’ gifts and/or ideas, head to your local H&M as deals are hot and mighty affordable as can be. The company has made sure to line its ideals of affordable and high fashion to take over the blogger hemisphere.

They even offer a 15 percent discount when you bring and donate used fashion items and get this: they don’t have to be H&M brand. Any and all clothes are acceptable as long as they aren’t obviously immensely deteriorated. Read more about the companies recycling initiative here!

What do you think about Katy Perry being H&M’s current winter season ambassador? We think its mighty fine – plus Perry herself is flashy and fashion forward, just like the number one retailer in the world!

You can check for more deals by heading to www.hm.com or your local H&M store! Don’t miss out! x

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.