Hollywood Actors: Favourite Watch Brands

When it comes to finding discovering the best brands out there, it’s always a good idea to observe what Hollywood is up to. As well as adorning the silver screen, most actors like to adorn themselves with only the finest accessories…and rightly so. Today, we’re revealing the favourite watch brands of some of Hollywood’s most iconic male stars, so that you’ll know where to begin your search when it’s time to find the perfect timepiece.


Want to wear the same watch as Iron Man? Us too! Robert Downey Jr. likes to rock a Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX5 World Chronograph that Tony Stark would be proud of. This particular model of Jaeger-LeCoultre was a collaboration between the watch brand and Aston Martin, hence the A and M in AMVOX5. Jaeger-LeCoultre aren’t short of a celebrity endorsement, particularly given their brand has the royal seal of approval from Queen Elizabeth II herself.

TAG Heuer

When it comes to brands that ooze cool, TAG Heuer is the way to go. Steve McQueen – the so-called ‘King of Cool’ knew it back in the day when he wore his TAG Heuer Monaco while filming iconic picture, Le Mans. That very same watch later sold for $799,500 at auction. TAG is also the favourite timepiece master of international spies – well, Matt Damon, when he played Jason Bourne. Damon is reported to have become so enamoured with the TAG Heuer Chronograph he wore while playing the spy that TAG promised to gift him the discontinued watch if he reprised his role. I guess we have TAG Heuer to thank for all those Bourne sequels!

Panerai Luminor

While you may not have guessed it, Sly Stallone has quite the love affair with timepieces, and his brand of choice is Panerai Luminor. In fact, the Rocky actor is reported to have fallen in love at first sight with the Panerai while shopping in Rome. His favourite models are the Submersible and Mare Nostrum, which he reportedly has engraved with ‘Slytech’ and his signature and then gifts to his friends. Evidence of this is seen in The Expendables, where Arnold Schwarzenegger and other members of the all-star cast all sported the brand.

Breitling Navitimer

It seems A-Lister, John Travolta loves his Breitling Navitimer almost as much as he loves his collection of private jets. Breitling has been the favourite of pilots everywhere, due to the fact the watches are used by the United States Air Force and that Brietling also have a side-line in plane dashboard instruments.

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Written by CelebMix