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Holy WOW! Releases Music Video for ‘Nebulas’

New York City-based Gothic electro garage-rock outfit Holy WOW! just released their music video for lead single “Nebulas,” from their forthcoming debut LP, Modern Ancient Man, slated to drop January 25.

Led by Dmitry Wild, who was born in Russia, raised in New York, and matured in California, Holy WOW! formed after Wild’s father passed away never having fulfilled his dreams. At that point, Wild made the decision to create music on his own terms. The band is made up of Peter Breed (keys), Gary French (bass), Leonardo Piragibe Freire (drums), and Dmitry Wild (guitar, vocals).

Known in the NYC rock scene for his work with Table Dreams, Wild Things, Weapons of the Future, and Wizard Sex, Wild focused his creative energy on the new album.

“I feel this release really embodies the mystic essence of HOLY WOW!” says Dmitry Wild, referring to the band’s name. “It’s sacred, yet with commercial appeal.”

“Nebulas” opens on a crunching electric groove topped by wickedly gleaming, distorted guitars streaming wavering, oozing hues. The electro-new-wave-Gothic melody exudes chilling spiraling textures and luminous keening tones. A fat bass line propels the rhythm with reverberating hormonal momentum, as Wild’s deliciously drawling dirge-like tones glide forth on ozone-like timbres, discharging dark seminal flavors, like a tripping Jim Morrison fronting The Cure.

Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s inquiries on the derivation of the universe, the lyrics of “Nebulas” reflect on the synergy between planets, stars and human life.

The music video depicts sprays of kaleidoscopic light and washes of pale and bright colors contrasting with surges of phantasmagoric visuals, as the band performs. Residual energy, inarguably impressive, flows from Wild, who is simultaneously charismatic and mysterious.

“Nebulas” sends delectable sensations rippling through listeners’ diaphragms, while mandalas of pigmented sonic flavors replicate the central movement of the cosmos, illuminating the hollow recesses of time and space.

Holy WOW! definitely wows on “Nebulas.”

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.