Housemates Clashed Over Food In Yesterdays Celebrity Big Brother!

Peace and harmony are no longer felt in the Celebrity Big Brother house after another explosive argument featured in yesterday’s highlights show.

The housemates have clashed again, this time, however, over Kosher wine. With Jenna’s religion restricting her to consuming Kosher food & drink, Big Brother has been delivering Kosher wine to the house as well as providing Jenna with her own personal fridge for her Kosher groceries.

Jenna became upset in yesterdays highlight show after housemates drank all the Kosher wine leaving nothing but lager and beer.

Chris commented on the situation shortly afterwards outside saying, ”They’re moaning about the f*cking wine again.

”We get the sh*t wine, and she gets the f*cking Kosher wine.”

Throughout the night, food was the topic of conversation with housemates discussing how they need to ration the food they receive with tension rising between Natasha and Jenna.

Soon after, Natasha voiced her disappointment that her fellow British housemates didn’t back her up when debating about food with the American housemates when Farrah entered the room and the pair started to bicker.

”You speak negatively about our president, and I don’t think that I’m going to deal with that so well because I’m not about bringing negativity into the house anymore” Farrah said to Natasha.

Natasha replied with, ”Oh really? watch how you talk to people, because how you talk to people, Farrah is very negative.”

The pair continued and a huge argument broke out that resulted in Farrah being ordered to the diary room by Big Brother.

On the way to the diary room, Farrah’s flipflop broke and she threatened, ”If my flipflops aren’t f*cking fixed because of your stupid voice on the intercom, I’m going to straight up kill this whole house”.

The second live eviction takes place tonight at 9 pm on Channel 5 and TV3 in the Republic Of Ireland.

Written by CelebMix