Houssein shares music video for latest single ‘Walking Away’

Rising star Houssein has shared the music video for his latest single ‘Walking Away’.

Directed by Scott Peters, the visual is a performance piece which sees Houssein deliver the song whilst play the guitar against a plain white backdrop. The main focus of the visual is intertwined with shots of the singer dressed in a bear costume as he looks back on a former relationship.

Whilst the visual is simple yet effective, it perfectly matches the stripped back nature of the song whilst also allowing Houssein to show off another side to his personality. ‘Walking Away’ is also a track in which you can truly lose yourself in the singer’s voice, as it stands out substantially against the chilled guitar melody.

Check out the music video for ‘Walking Away’ below.

Houssein released the breezy ‘Walking Away’ last month as the follow up to singles including ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Summer Night’. Speaking about the meaning behind the song, he said: “‘Walking Away’ is not about facing the inherent issues of a relationship head on, but instead avoiding them to the point where it leads to the girl wanting to end it. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to leave our problems on the back burner, but in the long-term it can create even bigger issues.”

Acknowledging the difference in sound in comparison to his previous releases, Houssein added: “I worked on ‘Walking Away’ with Dan Dare, Ryan Keen and Aiden Grimshaw, who are really talented artists. We recorded it at their place in London, over a few sessions, and then Ed Carlile, who produced me two previous singles, finished off the final mix. I’m really pleased with how the song turned out, and it’s quite different to my other singles, so I’m excited to see what my fans think of this more acoustic style.”

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