How A Song Inspired Hip Hop Artist TruRebel Migs’ Water Bottle Brand FISHINAUGA

Rising hip hop artist TruRebel Migs has made a major impact in the underground hip hop scene. Coming from a violent background, music has always been the creative’s path towards the light.

One thing that has always been true about TruRebel Migs is his unique ability to find interesting ways to market his music. His latest idea: a water bottle brand named after one of his songs.

On his latest project “Part 2”, TruRebel Migs channeled an aquatic theme on the project. One of his most popular songs “Fish In Agua” inspired the idea to create a water bottle brand called FISHINAUGA. Thanks to special events, celebrity endorsements, and wide spread distribution, FISHINAUGA has taken off locally around the Los Angeles area and the product has even higher potential in other markets.

While TruRebel Migs is busy building his brand further, he’s preparing to drop a new song this fall. The artist has gone back to his roots, incorporating his own guitar playing in an effort to set the precedence that “real musicians are back.” His next project will be Dolby ATMOS and Apple Digital Mastered.

You can find more info on TruRebel Migs, his brands, and his music in the links below:

Written by Monella