How Alice Hatcher Achieved Her Dreams and Became a Health and Beauty Entrepreneur

Alice Hatcher is a health and beauty expert and entrepreneur with multiple businesses and her very own health and beauty brand. Though she faced many challenges, she persevered through them and saw tremendous success.

At the age of one, Alice and her family immigrated to the U.S. from Taipei Taiwan. Both parents worked to build a new life with her mom working the nightshifts as a nurse and her dad becoming an engineer.

Her family also had a Chinese restaurant that was located directly below their one-bedroom apartment. Making ends meet was a struggle, but her family showed and instilled within Alice a good work ethic and one that would persevere even through the toughest of challenges.

Alice went to a local school that didn’t have any English language courses available. However, she was able to pick up the new language through immersion.

She was the only ethnic Chinese student at her school and experienced some bullying during her time there. But, she pushed through it and learned a lot along the way.

Growing up, Alice developed a passion for the health and beauty industry and decided to attend the Paul Mitchell Skin Academy. She graduated with honors and went on to work with many top health and beauty companies such as MAC, Stilla, Clinique, and more. 

She also trained with Dr. Zein Obagi when the Blue Peel was introduced to the beauty industry and gained expertise in many techniques.

With plenty of experience and knowledge under her “belt,” she decided to start her own business and opened a MedSpa—Essential Beauty—in 2006. But, that was when the economic rescission hit, which turned what should have been a dream come true into a nightmare.

She would go on for the next five years fighting for the survival of her business. During this time, she would give out gift certificates to people in parking lots, leave flyers on people’s cars, and even bring anyone who was interested in her MedSpa to the spa to give them a facial.

In 2010, Alice started to realize the potential that e-commerce has and decided to open her own online store—Beauty Addict—that sold beauty products as well as gave virtual consultations worldwide to help clients with skincare concerns and even recommend or prescribe a solution.

Her online store was a big hit and made more sales in the first year than her brick-and-mortar MedSpa. But, she did not stop there, in 2015 she launched her own health and beauty brand—Precision Skin RX—that featured products for various skin conditions and lifestyles.

Knowing the importance of social media when it comes to advertising and building a following, she created Instagram accounts for her businesses that, combined, total over 40k followers.

Today, her MedSpa has become one of the top MedSpas in Orange County, California with her other businesses also seeing great success.

One of the biggest challenges that Alice faced was overcoming all the negative advice she got from others that she would not be able to succeed. To this, she comments: “Don’t give a f*** what anyone says, because, in the end, it’s all about you and your happiness and what you can turn your future into. Don’t ever give up. People say s*** things because they are unhappy with themselves.”

Overall, Alice Hatcher’s ability to overcome challenges in her life can be traced back to the very beginning when she quickly learned the importance of hard work and dedication from her parents. As a result, she has grown a successful health and beauty empire.


Written by CelebMix