How Businesswoman Maria Vittoria Cusumano Made MVC Magazine a Household Name in the Fashion Industry

Making it in the fashion industry is an incredible accomplishment. Known for being a high-stakes and even higher-paced industry, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication, hard work, and grit to rise to the top and become a household name, but the rise of digital media has changed the game. From independent fashion designers to influencers to lifestyle blogs, the internet has allowed for more diversity and creativity than ever before. Businesswoman and fashion powerhouse Maria Vittoria Cusumano has effectively harnessed diversity and creativity to grow MVC Magazine into one of the top digital fashion magazines. 

Born in Germany and raised between New York and Rome, Cusumano had a unique view of the world from the beginning. “With access to different cultures and the world of high-fashion, I learned that fashion is so much more than clothes,” says Cusumano. “Fashion is a creative outlet that represents people and the world. It represents what is possible by coming together for art.” Her passion lies in finding how fashion can be a pillar for change and cooperation in this world. “That was my initial inspiration behind MVC Magazine,” Cusumano explains.

M?VC Magazine covers everything from news, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and products with an edge. Not only is the magazine at the forefront of style, but Cusumano isn’t afraid to speak up on sensitive issues like violence against healthcare workers and cancer, either. “You have to know your audience and know them well,” says Cusumano. “Audiences are looking for more. They are passionate and care about others. You have to show them that you do, too, and you care about making this world a better place.”

?Cusumano maintains that her dedication to causes and fashion propelled MVC Magazine to a household name. “MVC Magazine gave readers what they have been yearning for, for a long time,” she says. “They want to see what their favorite brands are doing for both fashion and the world.” Cusumano is a fascinating and dynamic woman, so it’s easy to see why readers embrace her magazine so wholeheartedly. 

“You can’t expect to become a household name if you aren’t willing to lead the pack,” explains Cusumano. “You have to break the mold a little bit.” That is precisely what MVC Magazine does with its style and distinctive take on fashion news, and it’s proved worthwhile. With almost 300 thousand followers on Instagram, Cusumano has a voice that is ready to be heard. As MVC Magazine continues to keep a magnetic hold over the industry, there is no doubt that Maria Vittoria Cusumano will continue to be a household name.

Written by CelebMix