How Celebrities Keep Such Perfect Smiles

A significant part of the general public follows celebrities and tries to replicate their every move and habit. They go as far as copying their appearance to look exactly like them. Included in this population are passionate fans that enhance or even alter their body parts to look like their idols. They try to replicate their body shape, eyes, nose, hair and even teeth. However, many have tried, but have not been able to discover the secret behind stars’ million-dollar smiles. Celebs have that perfect aura, and their flawlessly beautiful smiles are present always to compliment them. If you are a super fanatic or just someone who wonders how stars achieve such perfect smiles, read on to uncover the truth.


The most popular technique that celebrities get these days are veneers. They are artificial layers attached to the teeth with orthodontics to make them smile-able. Veneers are fragile layers of porcelain that are attached to the teeth in a natural and undetectable way. They not only make the teeth white and shiny but adjust the shape and size of the teeth as well. This treatment is well received by our idols and is the industry secret to celebrity teeth. Not a problem for celebs, but they can be quite expensive to obtain for your teeth. However, there are options like dental insurance provided by various dentists to help accomplish it.


When you think of braces, a picture of an unattractive looking smile may come to your mind, but did you know that many celebrities get them to improve their smiles? Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, Faith Hill, following a never-ending list. These days braces are not only for kids or teenagers, but adults can wear them too. It is the trend these days. Braces can reform teeth to remove gaps and spaces in between them and also move them into a better shape.  If acquired from reliable orthodontists like Sky Dental Alliance, your smile can achieve star quality. 

Aside from the conventional metal braces, there is a new and improved option of invisible braces. They are called Invisalign braces. They are removable, and you can carry out tasks like eating, brushing and sleeping without discomfort. 


This method is not only used to make teeth simply white but provides an altered yet beautiful effect on your grin. A whitening procedure applied to your teeth can give your teeth a complete makeover. Many celebs have used this method to change the unappealing color of their teeth to a presentable white. It doesn’t cost you much to get your choppers whitened and can help you to transform your look completely.


No matter how white your teeth are and even if they have a nice shape, a smile is flawed with a broken tooth. Famous people go through many procedures for getting their teeth fixed after they become popular, and one of them is bonding. This orthodontic technique can help you fix teeth that are irregular or chipped. A layer comprising of different materials is applied to the teeth which last for about five years. They help your teeth have a fuller look with a better beam.

Total Makeover

Most cosmetic orthodontists have an all-rounder option designed for celebrities, that will bring about a completely fixed smile. The procedures that are included in this route may be a combination of veneers, bonding, implants, or braces. A list of the smile-fixing processes is recommended for you depending on the needs of your teeth by the dentist, and your mouth gets a total makeover in a few visits. An all-in-one option like this is beneficial, as it is time-saving and can also be less costly than getting the procedures done one at a time.

Written by Monella