How do I get a celebrity to follow me on Twitter?

You’re desperate for your favourite celebrity to follow you on Twitter, and you just don’t know how! Here, CelebMix gives you the low-down on how to get your fave to follow!

Follow them, and re-follow them

It sounds simple, but make sure you’re following your favourite celebrity. If you want to stand out, try following them and unfollowing them every few days to really attract their attention.

Tweet when they tweet

Set up alerts so you know when your favourite celebrity tweets, and be sure to tweet them back! Don’t use a tweet bot because they’ll just ignore you.

Ask them questions!

Tweet your favourite celebrity questions… “When are you going on tour?” etc, to really attract their attention. They’re more likely to follow you, or at least respond.

Don’t spam them!

Imagine how annoying it would be to see your timeline or mentions spammed with one user constantly tweeting the same thing. Don’t spam them… they’ll hate you.

Make them something!

Celebrities often reply when people make cool artwork or something that stands out! Tweet it to them and who knows!? Lady Gaga offered an artist a job after she saw their work!

Don’t get your hopes up!

Celebrities are very very busy and have lots of followers. The chances of them seeing you are slim, so don’t focus on it too much and don’t get your hopes up. The steps above may help, though, so give them a go and good luck!

Written by CelebMix