How Famous Icons Play a Role in Casinos

We all have our favorite celebrities that we fight follow on social media, read about in magazines or simply admire in movies, the song songs they write or what they stand for. There are even a few groups that remain favorites, especially with rock bands, which we all know has become a popular choice of theme for slots in both land-based and online casinos.

So, why do these developers choose famous people and groups as their theme and does it really change the way the game is played?

Well, if you’ve even visited a casino lobby and wondered what game you should play next, imagine having access to titles that represent some of the things you like most. Whether it’s a movie, an artist, music or even a political leader, there’s just something about the theme that stands outs. Game developers are well aware of what players desire and tend to release the latest features with these branded games as they know most would be interested in finding out how the developer incorporated the iconic person or group and how much detail they’ve added.

Of course, the developers that really take their time and create a game with flawless gaming features that relate to the icon would end up being the most popular, which is why you’ll find the most popular branded games with top-rated software suppliers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Bally and a few others.

There’s a large3e variety of games to choose from, which might not include your favorite actors, singers and other icons, but with the selection available, you’re sure to find at least some games that feature someone that really gets you excited. Below, we look at some of the best famous icon-themed slots in online gaming and explain why it perfectly represents the person or group they’ve chosen.

Best Celebrity Online Slots

Before we dive in, let’s breakdown what a great celebrity slot is all about. Firstly, we consider the graphics used to represent the person or group. Secondly, we take a look at the design of the game and establish that’s its unique and includes an experience unlike any other slots. We also look at the bonus features and how they relate to the person or group, which is important as you’d want something more than just a good theme to represent the celeb you’re expecting to see.

Best Movie Themes Online Slots

Movie themes remain the most popular as developers have a constant flow of new releases to choose from. However, instead of choosing just any movies, they carefully see which titles would actually work as a slot.

Juristic Park from Microgaming, based on the original movie, is by far one of our favorites as the developer introduces everything that makes a branded slot great. It offers the modern 243 ways to win layout and a brilliant selection of animations to represent the thrilling theme that’s based on the 2015 recreation. Bonuses begin with wilds as the T-Rex, but the most interesting features relate to free spins that require you to reactive the feature multiple time to unlock new levels and features.

Planet of the Apes from NetEnt doesn’t just represent the film, but actually combines the Rise and Dawn chapters in one action-packed gaming experience. Therefore, you have 2 slots in one, meaning 10 reels on your screen with 20 paylines per 5 reels. However, in some cases, these games world together and provide enhancements to introduce bigger winnings and more features. The features are completely unique apart from standard wild symbols as you can activate stacked wilds, multiple free spin bonuses, multipliers, additional wilds, a dual feature and a rise and dawn bonus game.

Best Music Themed Online Slots

Music themed slots are exciting, but since these don’t include any visual as with movies, developers are forced to get creative and provide a unique experience.

Guns n’ Roses from NetEnt is by far one of the most exciting slots of all time, not only for music-themed slots, but it has set a new standard for all online games. The slot features 20 paylines, but from the very second you enter the game, you’ll find things aren’t quite as basics as other slots. Choose your favorite Guns n’ Roses song from the playlist on the left, set your bet, and get the show started. The reels feature incredible graphics with combinations and bonus features as fireworks and stage lights take over in the background. Bonuses star with expanding wilds, random multipliers, a random legend bonus and much more during the main game. Get the bonus symbols to enter a pick’em feature or trigger free spins for huge rewards.

King of Pop from Bally is a brilliant tribute to Michael Jackson with high-quality graphics, animations and exciting bonus features. It offers 25 paylines, 5 reels and features that include wilds and up to 2,500 coins during the main game. The focus is on the bonus symbols in the center reels, offering the platinum bonus that starts with a wheel of fortune style feature on a spinning vinyl to reward cash prizes, free spins and much more.

Celebrity Themed Online Slots

When it comes to celebrity slots, there are so many to choose from, not only because there are thousands of celebs, but because most developers create their own variation of games relating to famous movie actors, singers and more.

Rocket Men from Red Tiger Gaming is one of the most entertaining slots relating to Donald Trump. The game features both Trump and Kim Jong-un as a battle-style slot that shows them going to war with each other. The reels are trapped in the middle of all the action and bonus features include everything from wilds to a Kim vs. Don feature that rewards you with each shot.

Tesla from GameArt is another great example of just how far celebrity themes can go. Of course, this features a scientific-themed game that focuses on Tesla’s generator to activate innovative free spin bonus features, more winning combinations and other features. The slot includes 243 ways to win over 5 reels, 3D graphics and excellent animations to bring each spin to life as winnings activate.

Written by CelebMix