How Leyi (Ruby) Yang Breathes Life into Installations and Spaces Through Her Art

Art is personal; each artist’s creative process is different from other artists, and each person’s interpretation of art is often different from another person’s interpretation. Art is all about perspective and expression. One artist who approaches her art uniquely is Ruby Yang, a Bay Area-based artist.

Ruby Yang, who has a BFA and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and San Francisco Art Institute respectively, is one of the highly-rated up-and-coming artists in the Bay Area. Her creative works have been displayed in exhibitions and film festivals in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and even abroad in Beijing, China.

Yang’s approach to art is a unique one, as she is drawn to works that use fragmented words and color to make people feel. She is fascinated by the emotive power of words; making people feel something beyond what they are used to. Her work is not meant to convey a particular message; she, instead, leaves her words and colors open for interpretation by her audience.

Yang creates unique pieces of art by playing around with words and painting them to express what people experience in their daily lives, such as emptiness and love. She, however, does this in a creative and unique way that creates a poetic atmosphere to allow different interpretations of the work, depending on the viewer’s experiences.

“I also get inspiration from the most mundane and basic things and use them as the basis for my work,” Yang says about her work. “I look at a random thing and get an idea for a painting or drawing.”

For instance, she has used the food in her kitchen as the basis of some of her drawings, and also came up with beautiful pieces of art from pebbles. According to her, inspiration can come from anywhere, and artists have to always be fully immersed in their surroundings in order to come up with outstanding works.

Leyi (Ruby) Yang plans on making more art to express herself, and her works will soon be in the major art galleries and exhibitions.

Written by CelebMix