How Mik Zenon Generated $15 Million in Amazon Sales as an Affiliate Marketer and Influencer

A couple years ago, the name “Mik Zenon” would have meant nothing. Now, in the affiliate marketing world, “Mik Zenon” is a well-known name. He has over 5 million followers and 2 billion views across five social media platforms.

But, as with every great success story, Mik came from nothing. He grew up in some of the poorest neighborhoods in his area. Just like everyone else, he went to school and got a job. There was nothing out of the ordinary in his life.

Yet, in one defining moment, he decided that he no longer wanted to be a consumer. So, he became a creator.

It was during the start of the pandemic that he decided to become an affiliate marketer and grow a social media following to advertise his products.

At the same time, his daughter was born. It was one of the busiest and most difficult times in his life. Because of the pandemic and social distancing, he wasn’t able to get help from his family and friends.

So, he had to grow a business while taking care of a newborn. As a result, he got little to no sleep, but that didn’t stop him from working seven days a week.

By the end of 2022, his hard work and dedication had paid off. He generated $15M in Sales for Amazon in 2022. Plus, he started his own discount code business to help American families save thousands of dollars.

On the social media front, he gained over 5 million subscribers and 2 billion views on five different social media sites including Instagram and TikTok.

He was able to gain a large following by implementing a new form of social media affiliate marketing. While most affiliate marketers focus on the product, Mik explains that “I added humor and a bit of an edge to my content that is now replicated by other social media affiliate influencers.”

Mik quickly became a star in the affiliate marketing world and was invited to be a part of the Amazon Home Influencer Program and was even given the opportunity to speak at an Amazon event for other influencers.

On top of that, he has been featured on multiple major sites such as Buzzfeed and Yahoo. Plus, he accomplished all of this on his own. He didn’t have a team of advisers, marketers, or even assistants behind him.

One of the best pieces of wisdom that Mik offers to others who want to turn their life around as he did is to: “Always be a creator of content, not a consumer. No matter what field you are in (teacher, construction worker, amazon warehouse employee, UPS driver, etc.) make sure that you produce content.”

He goes on to say:

There is an audience for everyone out there and once you have a large enough audience there are many ways to monetize that. Once you start creating content, don’t stop. It is only a matter of time before you become successful. It may take 3 months, it may take 10 years, but I guarantee it will be worth it in the end.

Mik’s journey is not yet finished; in fact, he plans to grow his affiliate marketing empire to the level of the world’s biggest marketing empires and then hopes to use the money he earns to help others in need.

Overall, Mik Zenon was able to turn his life around with a lot of hard work, dedication, and sleepless nights. Because of that, he was able to build a sizable social media following, a large affiliate marketing empire, and his own discount code business.


Written by Monella