How Singing Can Help Your Mental Health

Studies show the benefits of singing are endless. Singing lowers stress, stimulates immune response and even helps improve speaking abilities. During the pandemic, singing has become a highly beneficial outlet for people facing the nation-wide uptick in depression and anxiety. 

The process of learning and singing a song has multiple health benefits and, most importantly, develops a sense of belonging and connection during this isolating time. 

The best part? You don’t even have to be a great singer. In fact, singing has countless benefits. Here are just a few: 

  1. Immune system strengthening–  According to past research, singing boosts the immune system. One study tested choir members’ blood before and after singing Mozart. The results showed, in most cases, the amount of proteins in the immune system that function as antibodies, known as Immunoglobulin A, were significantly higher than when the same tests were conducted after simply listening to music.
  2. It’s a workout– Not only is singing a workout for the lungs, but it also can create a stronger diaphragm and better overall circulation. Due to the amount of oxygen used while singing, some even think singing can increase stamina.
  3. Singing is a natural anti-depressant– Working out increases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. So does singing!  Singing is known to release endorphins, the feel-good brain chemical that increases happiness. Whether you’re a shower star or celebrity music artist- the benefits are there. It also has the ability to take your mind away from stress. Music is relaxing. Singing releases muscle tension and decreases the levels of a stress hormone (cortisol).

The countless benefits of singing probably have you wanting to hit karaoke or take a class right away. In socially distant times, we found a perfect solution.

Taking Action

Celebrity vocal coach, Cheryl Porter, has made it her personal mission to make her students feel included and motivated with the main goal of increasing happiness through singing.  

Knowing that aspiring singers may not be able to gain access to physical vocal coaching classes, much less a celebrity vocal coach, Cheryl created?The Cheryl Porter Vocal Method, which has over 300 vocal exercises to specially target correct vocal flaws, increase vocal range and dramatically improve vocal skills for beginning and advanced singers. 

If learning to sing is something that’s always been on your bucket list and you just haven’t had time to do it, check out Cheryl’s online classes!

Written by Monella