How to approach your next video production partner in NYC

Choosing a video production partner can be a challenging prospect. Considering the influx of video producers entering the market, technological assistance software and video production equipment have become more affordable. Choosing the right video production partner could be the difference between exciting content or generic content.

Think About The Story And How It Should Be Told.

When thinking about the content you are trying to create, it is vital to consider the story you are trying to tell. In a world overwhelmed with content and stories, it is critical to consider your story compared to so many others. 

Once you have defined your story, you can start your search for a video production company. When reviewing a potential video production partner’s work, ensure that you pay attention to the sensory needs and emotions required to drive your story home. Additionally, ensure that you openly communicate your storytelling expectations with potential production companies to ensure that no time is wasted. 

Video production companies with a strong focus on storytelling and strategy often lay out the considerations on their website, which would mean your ideal video production partner is waiting to be found.

Make Sure The Equipment Can Capture Your Vibe.

There is nothing worse than disqualifying yourself before the race even begins. Just think about video productions you’ve seen in the past, where the only thing you remember is underexposed shots, grainy footage and disappointing sound. Don’t fall into that trap! Instead, ensure that you review the equipment your potential video production company intends on using. 

With so many video production companies in New York City, your options are endless. The best way to get where you are going is to take the first step. 

“So what if I don’t know anything about cameras, sound, lighting or video production? How will I know if they are recommending the right equipment?”. Hmm, excellent question. 

You can find any needed information on camera specifications and performance if you look in the right places in the information era at hand. 

Alternatively, consider getting a second opinion from another service provider. Emphasise that the provider should justify their suggestions in a way that you can understand. You are the client, and you need all the information before making a decision.

Consider The Personality Fit.

The production of a video is a process that requires synergy between the specialist and the client. Ultimately, it would be best if you had someone who can relate to how you think, experience emotion, speak and act. Finding the ideal video production company could be the difference between a seamless production process or a frustrating one. 

Feel free to discuss your fear, shortcomings and concerns with your potential video producer, as you might not be the first client they work with, with a similar perspective. 

In many cases, it makes sense to hire for attitude and find a middle ground on the skill, as the video production process consists of a technical part and a teamwork element.

Written by Monella