How to Avoid Being Ghosted in Online Adult Dating 

What would you do if your casual partner just disappeared, as they have never existed on the earth? You would call them, go to their place, or call their relatives. Many solutions could be done to find out what happened to your go-to one-nighter. If your partner is from an online adult dating website, you don’t know anything about them. The only way to contact them is through their profile. You keep sending and texting and calling, but there’s no response. What have you done wrong to make them ghost away? Follow these tips to know how to deal with matches and protect yourself from online ghosts. Find here the citybeat’s article about best onlyfans girls.

Don’t stick

It happens, someone is exciting, and you can spend your whole day chatting with, topics are unbelievably unstoppable, you’re not shutting up! Maybe you’re having fun talking and talking and getting things off your chest, but hold on, there is a living human being who you’re consuming their powers by your nagging there, and this human being is looking for getting laid, not becoming your best friend. No matter what, even if the other person showed interest, don’t stick. It’s okay to say that you’re going out or you want to go to the bathroom, and 24/7 is the thing that will make them disappear.

Avoid sensitive talk

Racism, politics, and sensitive personal issues. These topics can end your relationship with one of your best friends or one of your family. What about someone who’s half a stranger to you. There are zillion other topics to discuss and talk about other than those. Even if these things were mentioned spontaneously during a smooth, natural discussion, it’s better not to go deep into them.

Think ahead

You’re not supposed to do that when you and your match aren’t on solid ground. But, when you’ve been chatting for a while, maybe a few days, it’s strange if nothing is changing, if there’s no meeting, no video call, nothing! You’ll look suspicious, and it’s better to make the right move when you feel that it’s the right time. Or they’ll think that you’re just playing around and trying to pass the time with them.

Know their plan

people’s intentions and plans are not the same. When you’re looking for a fiance, someone is looking for a temporary partner; actually, that is the whole reason behind online hookup websites. The odds are uncountable, but it’s ridiculous to go ahead with the relationship based on your own beliefs and own strategies when they’re contradicting the other person’s purposes. It’ll freak them out. So, get a clear answer about that before you go on.

Be nice

It’s heartwarming to console someone when they feel down, and it’s great to support someone when everything is against them. Mean people who don’t care about anyone don’t have a lot of fans; they’re capable of turning anyone who’s starting to feel something towards them into total rejection. It’s hard to act against your nature if you’re mean; you don’t want to deceive others by playing the nice guy/girl when you aren’t. Find mean people like you if this is the case.

Earn their trust

Even in real life, trust is not something that people can give easily. When an app restricts your relationship, you’ll always be the center of doubt. It’ll be hard, and it’ll take a lot of time, but your matches have the right to be given everything to help in building trust. Tell them that you’re ready for a casual date if they’re, suggest a video call, anything to make them feel relieved should be done.

Don’t rush things

Okay, we know it’s online adult dating, and everyone is there to find a road dig. But you’re not supposed to get so excited from the first moments and learn how to keep it in your pants and let things take their time. Even if someone likes you and thinks about taking this casual relationship to the 3rd base, being in a hurry and accelerating the relationship process will not do you any good.

Don’t be mysterious

“I’ll tell you my real name when we go along.”

“Try to guess what my profession is, but I don’t promise to tell you if you guessed it right.”

What’s that? This is a crazy person trying to take precautions and protect himself by being silly and disrespectful. You don’t want to be that person. Some people do that to look mysterious and vague, or maybe he doesn’t trust people, but what he’s doing is that he’s pushing everyone away. Don’t be an open book, but don’t be obscure at the same time.



Sometimes we do everything right, and we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, yet we’re ghosted. It’s not your fault, no matter what. So, move on and don’t blame yourself for someone else’s actions. Keep looking for the joyful one-night stand you have always dreamed about.

Written by Monella