How To Become A Successful YouTuber

Are you a YouTube fanatic yet? It’s not taken long for YouTube to transform from a pure entertainment site to the second largest global search engine. With a slick business plan, it has harnessed the power of its digital platform and turned popularity into a lucrative and creative marketing hub. Advertisers are drawn to this effective channel, which now has over 2 billion weekly video views, to monetize their assets in a low-cost, productive way.

With a mission to ‘give everyone a voice and to show them the world,’ it’s THE place to be seen today. If you haven’t yet used the network, for business or for fun, then we think you’re missing out. However, getting big on YouTube is not always easy. Life is life, and success requires a concerted effort and planning. So, here are some easy steps to help you on your way!

Set Your Goals And KPIs

First off, you need to understand what success means to you and what exactly you are trying to achieve. This may be anything from video views or click-throughs to a deeper engagement with your brand. Another fundamental is understanding clearly how to make money from YouTube and how you are going to produce quality content to engage your customers on a regular schedule. As with any new venture, setting your short term and long term goals are essential.

Of course, the measure of any progress must include views, as these are a key factor in the success of any YouTube video. However, there will be other KPI’s that you want to include to make the most from this platform. It’s an idea to research YouTube Analytics, which has a plethora of great ideas, and from here, you can establish the 10 key metrics to track video performance. You can also opt to use YouTube’s ‘Featured Videos’ service for your launch, which will cost of course but is designed to reach maximum viewers in minimum time.

Find Your Niche Genre

If you don’t already have an established market, then you will want to figure out the genre that fits you. These are grouped together based on their use of the content; for instance, technology and fashion focus mainly on product reviews. Within each of these genres are plenty of ‘spin-offs’ and interesting growth areas like local news, or ecological aspects. Finding a new niche and thriving in it is a great opportunity, so take your time deciding!

For instance, online casino streaming is an example of a fast growing nische, with so far little competition, on the internet and YouTube. Most have gone for game reviews, trivia and gameplay highlights, but there are many cross-overs that could be explored. A niche could be advanced game mechanics or top bonus searches in an untapped market like India or Canada. If you wish to review online casino games, we’d recommend you visit BestOnlineCasinoCa, where you easily can compare and find online casinos and games to review.

Use Keywords In Your Video Title

When you are creating YouTube content, you need to be found by the search engine. Remember to do your keyword research and find out exactly what people are looking for in your genre. You can use YouTube’s own keyword tool to identify popular searches, and at Hubspot, you can learn everything about YouTube SEO.

When planning, it is also important to cross-reference this with Google research, as it includes YouTube videos in its algorithms. Optimizing your digital content on this platform is just as critical as for any blog or website content, so be sure to have a strategy and research well.

Analyze Your Competitors

Knowing and understanding your competition is also important when planning. You can easily search out the videos that are most popular and rank well for your chosen keywords. You then have the opportunity to measure up the YouTube opposition and take advantage of any areas that they have not exploited. Keep in mind the standard SEO practices that you employ elsewhere too. Analyzing your competitors will also help to identify new ideas, high traffic keywords or long-tailed keywords addressing customer questions.

Promote Your Channel

Creating your video is a subject on its own, but all that time and effort needs to be supported by a promotion plan. Your work needs to be seen by your target audience, or it’s like organizing a launch and not inviting anyone. Read more about how to promote your YouTube channel and become instantly visible. Video promotion is almost an art, so here are some useful tips and tricks that will help:

  • Optimize your Video Title & Video Tags
  • Brand your video well
  • Create a custom thumbnail
  • Employ a call to action
  • Take a course at the YouTube Creators Academy
  • Use social media channels
  • Promote videos with a blog
  • Use YouTube’s Playlist
  • Contact influencers in your niche market
  • Share with the YouTube community

Be Original

Getting the attention of your target audience and holding it are two different things. YouTube’s ranking algorithm means you get a higher ranking if people watch for longer. Obviously, this means that your content needs to be high quality, creative and engaging. Understanding your audience and making sure they know exactly why they should watch is key. Highlight the benefits and show them some energy and passion!

Above all, keep your regular content highly original. Most viral content does not actually happen by chance; it is normally the result of a well thought out through plan and some totally gripping content. Shareable content is just that; shareable! You are relying on viewers to pass on your content because they love it. So, brand and design videos that provide purpose and information to your chosen audience. It’s all about reaching and engaging the right people.


We think the most important aspect is to be willing to take a calculated risk. Trust your instincts and don’t just follow untested assumptions that you read about. Put your ideas into action and even be prepared to be a bit unconventional. Then use feedback to improve your production and keep your videos fresh and inventive. If you discover a new way of doing things, then you will be more than a successful YouTuber!

Written by CelebMix