How To Become Like the Rich (Without Spending A Lot Of Money)

massive pile of money?  You have to admit, if you have money then you can live the best life. Imagine dining on fine china instead of dollar store plates – that would be amazing.  But when life decides that you have to tolerate the not so good things in life, it is frustrating.

If getting rich is one of your ultimate goals, before you get there, it would not hurt to start acting like you’re there and aim to learn more till you get there. These tips are not about pretending to be productive. Instead, they are about giving you an opportunity to live a quality life that adds value both to yourself and those you come in contact with.

Here are a few tips to help you hang with the high and mighty and still remain on a budget.

#1. Stop Overspending

When you are living on an average income it is necessary that you learn to spend your money on important things. For instance, if you are earning an average salary of $90,000 and you do not save even a dime, you will never be rich.

A lot of people think that having a lot of money will help them stay on a budget. However, even with the little amount of money that you earn, you will be able to live a quality life as long as you do not overspend it. Overspending can be defined merely as living beyond your means.

#2. Act Rich

If you want to be rich, then you need to act the part. You need to learn how to work like a millionaire even though you don’t have a dollar in your pocket. According to behavioral analysts, pretending you are rich can become part and parcel of your day-to-day routine. There are chances that you are going to meet the rich and mighty at various events such as weddings and parties and it will not hurt if you already know how to mingle with them.

Here are a few quick secret hacks that will help you act the part.

  1. Make a good impression by always smiling. Your millionaire smile could be the ticket for you to get a good deal with the rich.
  2. Be sure that you have a firm handshake as this will show off your confidence.
  3. When you talk to anyone maintain eye contact.  Tell them who you are and what you do. If you are at an event, you can go further and let them know who you are with at the party.
  4. Learn to offer genuine compliments to other people.
  5. Avoid a fake accent.
  6. Always be on your best behavior and never interrupt people when they are talking. If you feel like criticizing another person, it is best to keep it to yourself.

              #3. Dress the Part

             What you wear says a lot about you.  Did you know that you can buy some great shoes on sale, to help you look and feel richer?  If you are looking to behave as the rich, then you need to own a couple of pieces of apparel which the wealthy wear.

There is a myth that if you dress in flashy clothes, it means that you have money.  If you take a look at the world’s billionaires such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, you will notice that their dress code is pretty straightforward.

             Take a look at these few tips that will help you dress appropriately.

  1. Get your style inspiration from the people whom you want to imitate. This can be in terms of the situation or maybe a certain event which you are attending.
  2. Be sure that your nails and your hair are looking neat.  There are occasions when a salon appointment might cost you a lot of money but to avoid spending your money unnecessarily, you can make appointments at a cosmetology school where you can have your hair done for free or at a low cost but still look like a million bucks.
  3. Avoid wearing brands. Many people think that wearing top brands such as Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton means that they are wealthy. Most of the truly wealthy actually don’t wear their brands for all to see.
  4. Keep your look polished.
  5. Do not wear fake leather.

             #4. Enjoy the Company of Wealthy People

              If you want to rub elbows with the rich.  Visit clubs where they congregate, or better yet go to business meetings like at your local chamber of commerce or join a mastermind.   Once you attend events where you know you can meet these individuals and get to know how they think, the more you will be able to learn to think the same way. However, a word of caution:  you should never pretend that you are rich, by pretending to say you have a lot of money or something, just leave numbers out of it (like the truly rich do) just aim to be willing to learn.

              Let us know of other hacks that can help you behave as the rich without spending a lot of money.

Written by CelebMix