How to Find Time for Essay Writing If You Are a Young Celeb

You’d be surprised but the list of celebrities attending college in the 2017-2018 school year includes a lot of interesting names, including Dakota Fanning, Ariel Winter, Lourdes Leon, Malia Obama, Yara Shahidi, Karlie Kross, and Katie Ledecky.

For example, Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lourdes Leon, joined the student body at the University of Michigan last year, the same university that her mother, the queen of pop music, attended in 1878. Her decision to attend the school before pursuing her artist career was totally supported by Madonna, who herself made the same choice before leaving for New York City.

According to industry sources, Madonna even gave her daughter an advice to encourage her to study: “Try not to kill all your brain cells. And try to go to class.”

Obviously, that’s a great advice, because college education is a must-have for everybody. But staying focused on classes could also be very difficult because of all the attention from reporters, journalists, paparazzi, fellow students, and even friends.

According to essay writing service A-Writer, most of the students experience a lot of pressure because of the increasing amounts of homework. Young celebrities could face even more pressure because of their fame, which is bad news for their academic performance.

If you’re a young celebrity struggling to find time for essay writing, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find tips that you can use right now to finally concentrate and begin writing.

Adopt the Right Mindset

“Getting yourself into the right mindset is an essential requirement for you to start writing,” advises David McKay, a researcher from an essay writing service and writer at Prowriting. Given that you’re a celeb, you may be running out of time or even feeling a bit stressed out because of all the attention. If you give up because of the stress or persuade yourself that writing is pointless because of the lack of time, you may be defeated before you even write the first word.

Here’s the checklist for you to prepare yourself before writing an essay:

  • Be positive! You’re an energetic, talented person, so writing an essay will be a piece of cake for you!
  • Give yourself a pep talk. Remember: you’re a great student and your new essay will impress your professor (and your new self-persuasion skills will surprise you!)
  • Take a deep breath. Keeping yourself calm is the best way to write an essay in record time.
  • Begin! Some students spend hours procrastinating or looking for reasons why they shouldn’t start. Eventually, delaying work results in even more stress.

Find a Quiet Place

Many college campuses provide students with quiet places to study. Does your campus have one, too? It could be a library or a specially designed place where students come to read, write, or do homework. This could be a perfect place for you to finally begin writing an essay because of the lack of distractions.

Let others know that you’re going to study so they don’t call or text you. To eliminate the risk of temptation to check out social networks, turn off your smartphone. Remember: procrastination at this stage is not a good idea at all because it can eat away hours of your time.

Bonus tip: accept the fact that you’ll get distracted during essay writing and your mind will start to wander. When you’ll actually get distracted, stand back from yourself and name that distraction. Remind yourself that you need to concentrate and move on.

Sum up Your Argument in One Sentence

This is a good technique to help yourself to focus and start thinking clearly about the topic of your essay. Many professionals working in an essay writing service often use it to increase the efficiency of their work.

You see, if a person cannot summarize the argument of an essay in a single sentence, chances are that person has no idea what to write about. As the result, that person will write an off-topic essay. So, research your argument a little bit to get a clear understanding of the main idea, and then try to sum it up in one sentence.

That would be your primary goal, and quite possibly, a thesis statement for your essay.

Ask Professor for Assistance

If possible, talk to your professor and tell them that you need their help with writing an essay. This technique will help you to concentrate better because the professor will tell you to send him or her drafts on specific days. As the result, you’ll have no choice but to make up the time for writing because you promised your professor you would.

Be clear on deadlines for drafts to ensure that you both have a good understanding of the milestones that you’ll have to achieve.

Wrapping Up

Being a young celebrity can be tough, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your academic success. Most of the actors, actresses, models, and other celebrities are proud of their educational background and advise young people to study as well. So use these tips to improve your time management and nail that essay in an unbelievable time!

Written by CelebMix