How to make money from online feedback surveys

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon at the mall or visited a supermarket, the chances are that you were asked about filling in an online survey. For businesses, it’s a chance to collect feedback on in-store experiences, and for consumers, it’s a chance to have their say and tell big bosses what they liked and disliked about shopping with them. But if you’re busy or don’t fancy handing over your personal information with big businesses, then you’ll probably have ignored those online feedback surveys and got on with your life as any other human would.

But did you know that many online surveys offer incentives for completing? Below, we offer some tips on how to earn money by filling out customer experience surveys and forms…

Start shopping!

If you want to be asked to complete surveys and questionnaires on a business, then you’re going to need to start shopping! If you know that a company is running a survey promotion, why not head into the store and purchase a small item, even if only costs a dollar or two? If you’re eligible, you’ll get a code and a link on your receipt, and you can then fill in the survey online to be entered into a prize draw. Staff may even ask if you’d mind filling in a customer satisfaction survey for the chance to win some money or gift cards and let you know their name so you can recommend or comment on their in-store performance when you take part.

Be honest and open

Whilst companies are not allowed to discriminate between positive and negative comments, it pays to put in the effort and be honest and open in your review. If you thought that the staff were rude or unhelpful, then let the company know so that they can improve. Likewise, if you were pleased with your experience and the staffer was friendly and helpful, then give them a recommendation and let the store know they’re doing well. Remember that in big chains, this feedback can be used to monitor performance and lead to training or disciplinary action, so it is important that you’re totally honest and transparent so that you don’t cause an unnecessary upset – and also so that you don’t allow a problem to continue to go on without rectification.

Use websites and forums to find incentives

If you want to be on the ball and know when new surveys pop up, forums can be used to find incentives and promotions. Thepostal survey, for example, is a popular customer satisfaction survey in the United States and enters users into a prize draw, but that is just one of the many thousands of promotions and incentives offered in the country. If you know that one of your favourite companies is launching a feedback incentive, you can plan to go visit the store and spend some money to be eligible for a cash prize or gift card certificate.

Whilst customer surveys are not the be all and end all when it comes to making money online, they’re a good way to let businesses know what you really think of them – and enter into a prize draw or receive a coupon off your next order. Happy shopping, everyone!

Written by CelebMix