How to Make Money Streaming Casino Games

Live streaming certainly isn’t a new concept, but it’s only in the last couple of years where consumers have begun spending more time (and money) watching other’s play games and interacting with their communities, from YouTube Gaming to the King of Streaming, Twitch.

Alongside popular games such as League of Legends, Fornite and Word of Warcraft, there has been a growing trend towards other live streaming segments, like ‘Just Chatting’, where there are regularly more than 100,000 people watching their favourite internet personalities talk about what they’re cooking for lunch and debating whether or not to go outside for a jog. 

That’s without mentioning the rise of streaming casino games online, with people watching others have a flutter on online casino websites, rather than spending money themselves.

But how can you take advantage of this growing trend and make money from streaming?

Grow your subscriber count

Though anyone can follow you on Twitch, viewers have got to pay $5 per month if they want to “subscribe” to your channel, with many big streamers offering exclusive loot or rewards to say thanks to their most loyal patrons. Rack up 1,000 subscribers and that’s $2,5000/month in guaranteed income (Twitch takes 50%), without an advertising cut or other avenues. The top ten streamers on Twitch earn more than $20 million per year – so it’s totally worthwhile!

Add links to your streams

Another way to generate an income from your live streams is to add affiliate links to your description and bio and encourage viewers to click them so you’re given a kickback from retailers and casino companies. Say you’re streaming a game from RoyalVegas online casino – you can add an affiliate link to the game and earn a small commission when someone else signs up, as you’re effectively advertising their game, encouraging your viewers to play it.


Once you’ve amassed a loyal audience, you can start to partner with brands and promote their products in exchange for a fee. That might be a game, a product (such as a gaming chair or mouse) or even a specific online casino, where you’ll serve as their official mascot. 

Of course, achieving such sponsorships will take time and you can’t expect to find success overnight, but with some patience and hard work, it’s certainly not an impossible target.


If you’ve built up a name for yourself, you could offer merchandise featuring your logo, face, or catchphrase for your subscribers and viewers to buy. If you want to encourage people to buy your products then you must put in the hours and build an emotional connection with your streamer viewers; and, naturally, showcase your products regularly when streaming casino games. Create merch with funny quotes or memes, and you’ll be on to a winner.

As well as earning an income from playing casino games online, streaming your activities is a great way to boost your bank balance and work for yourself, rather than in a standard nine to five job. It’s certainly not for everyone – you need a likeable personality and experience – but if you’re smart, you could turn it into a six-figure-salary career. Work hard, and have fun!

Written by Monella