How to organise the ultimate Disney sleepover

Whether you’re six or sixteen, you’re never too old to enjoy the magic of Disney with your friends and family. From contemporary blockbusters such as Disney’s Frozen and the upcoming Alladin remake, through to the classics like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, there is a Disney movie to suit every taste and occasion. As such, a Disney sleepover could be a great idea if you want to spend more time with loved ones or keep your children entertained.

Below, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to organising a Disney sleepover like no other.

Eat like a Disney Princess

If you can’t get yourself to Sleepy Hollow for some of those delicious Mickey Waffles, then you could create your own Disney-inspired treats to eat when your guests arrive. Big Bear’s Wife has put together some brilliant cuisine ideas, such as spooky-looking Jack Skellington macarons, Frozen chocolate popcorn and a copycat version of Disney Animal Kingdom’s Yak and Yeti Beef and Broccoli – one of the most scrumptious dishes on the menu! Take your food to the next level by getting everyone involved – decorate your own Disney cupcake, or create yummy smoothies and decorate them with Disney staws, umbrellas, and fruits.

Play a game of Disney trivia

Separate the fans from the fakers and host your own Disney game. Sites like Meebily have lots of games and cool things to do, including some questions and answers so that you can host your own Disney trivia game. If you’re hosting the quiz, then get a microphone and buy a gift for the winner, and then put everyone to the test. You could make the occasion even more exciting by asking people to pair up in named teams, or putting a time limit on answers.

Ask your guests to dress up

If you want to really get the sleepover started, then ask everyone to come dressed as their favourite Disney character. You could host a themed sleepover, for example, and set a dress code such as Frozen or Disney Princesses, or you could keep it general and let people pick their favourite look. There are thousands of costume ideas to consider, and the best part is, once you’ve got one, you can use it again for parties, Halloween, and other special events.

Tie it in with a trip

Okay, so this next idea takes the Disney sleepover to the next level – and makes it very expensive – but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. If you want to make the night all the more special for your child, consider booking a trip to Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney World, and surprise them on the night of the sleepover. From then, your daughter can spend the evening packing her bags, listening to her favourite Disney music and planning her Disney adventure.

There are so many ways to have fun and organise a Disney sleepover like no other. Whatever you choose to get up to, we wish you the very best of luck and hope you have an awesome sleepover filled with laughter, joy, and sparkle.

Written by CelebMix