How to Protect Your Internet Privacy Using VeePN

VPNs are a part of the cyber-security hype now. Ask your granny, we bet even she has heard about VPNs. But what is this all about? Do they really help users, or is it just another bubble created by sneaky marketers to lure users in and make them pay for the things they don’t need? Let’s have a closer look.

How Dangerous is the Internet?

We are so used to the friendly comfort of the web that we often forget about its hidden dangers. The WWW is like a poisonous plant with a sweet smell – it baits us with the comfort of having everything at our fingertips, and then poisons us by data theft, online surveillance or content censorship.

However, if you take preliminary measures, you can enjoy everything good the web has to offer, without having to suffer from all the troubles we have described. So, what are the dangers you will encounter?

  • Government and ISP spying on you.
  • Employers watching what you are doing online.
  • Hackers and snoopers sniffing for valuable data.
  • Public Wi-Fi’s posing threatening your information.

Now everybody’s after user’s data. Marketers, governments, and snoopers follow you around on the web in hopes that they can learn something about you, and within a protective VPN, they actually do.

What is VPN and How Does it Work?

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network, a secure connection tunnel from your device to one of the VPN service’s servers, and only then, the data goes into the wild web. This way a VPN service acts as a shield between you and the Internet. We hope you know by now why you need one in the online realm. Now let’s have a more detailed look into the VPN service operation process.

When you go into the web as usual, without a VPN, the data from your computer firstly travels to one of your ISP’s servers, and then to the target website or service. Your data is visible to your ISP, and all the external watchers – government agencies, snoopers, hackers, and marketers. They store and collect your browsing history, the links you clicked, etc. This can lead to data from seeing the same annoying ad for the fifth time to data and identity theft.

When you are browsing with a VPN, all your data travels through a secure tunnel. This means that no one, not even your ISP, is able to see what you are doing online and spy on you.

Situations to Use VPN & Benefits You Receive

We believe that a VPN never hurts, but there are a couple of situations where you simply must use one. Sometimes you will also need a VPN because you won’t be able to access the content you want to due to geo-blocks. Here is the list of situations when a good VPN will come in handy, and the benefits it will bring you:

  • Browsing from a public Wi-Fi
  • Media streaming (music, TV series and shows)
  • Accessing blocked websites
  • Looking for the information that is banned by the government
  • Overcoming speed caps and bandwidth limitations
  • Saving money on games, airplane tickets, car rentals and many more

VeePN – the Ultimate Security Solution for You

We hope that by now you are certain you should get a VPN. But which one to choose? The market is flooded with dozens of offers and advertisement’s, and trying each service on your own would take a lifetime. And there’s no need to – we offer you to try an excellent service called VeePN, and save a lot of time and nerves. So what does differ VeePN from other services?

  1. Custom encryption protocol. VeePN’s team has developed a custom protocol, called Smart VeePN. It allows surpassing even the strongest geo-blocks, such as the Great Firewall of China, and local blocks in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkmenistan. Moreover, it also masks your traffic, so no one can see you are using a VPN.
  2. Real No Logs policy and anonymity online. As the service is situated in Panama, it can offer a real No Logs policy. This means that VeePN doesn’t record and save their users’ data, and there is no law in the world that can force it to do so.
  3. Lifetime subscription for lifetime value. VeePN is one of the few services offering a lifetime subscription right now, and they offer it at a bargain price. Say you purchase the service at 30 and use it until 60 (not to mention you can pass it on to your kids or other relatives). Then the monthly cost will be $0.55 for an excellent and easy-to-use privacy service!
  4. Ten simultaneous connections under one plan. Currently, VeePN is the only service offering ten simultaneous connections under a single subscription plan. You can protect all your gadgets at once, or share the digital shield with your family. In addition, if you get a lifetime subscription and share it with nine friends, the price drops to mind-boggling 5 cents per month!
  5. Cross-platform software for all the major platforms. The last ingredient of the VeePN’s awesomeness is its ability to work with most major platforms at once. This means you can install it on your iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android, Apple TV, flagship routers, and gaming consoles. It also works on different devices – phones, tablets, PCs and notebooks, as well as with the popular browsers, such as Chrome, Windows and Mozilla Firefox.

Take care of your online safety and informational privacy – get VeePN now! This simple and powerful app has everything you need to keep your personal information securely encrypted. Choose a suitable subscription, install the app and enjoy your web-browsing risk-free.

Written by CelebMix