How To Pull off Red Carpet Fashion Just Like Your Favorite Celebrity

We love and adore celebrities, particularly when it comes to fashion. Celebrities typically influence fashion trends all over the world.

The red carpet is where most celebrities showcase their fashion. Dressed by famous cloth designers, celebrities wear their best dresses and look their best during red carpet events.

If you know what you are doing, you too can look great at red carpet events.

You can take a page from their playbook and pull off red carpet fashion just like your favorite celebrity. The following are some tips on how you can do it:

 Experiment with Color

Celebrity red carpet events are usually the most colorful events you will ever see. Celebrities 

are not afraid to experiment with color in fashion, and neither should you.

A helpful tip when choosing the color of attire to wear is to ensure it matches your skin tone and hair. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads will look different when wearing different colors.

Just because your hair or skin is a particular color does not mean that you are limited in your color selection. An objective eye is usually a good idea to know which colors look best on you.

Wear Jewelry

You will always see your favorite celebrities wear fabulous jewelry when they are on the red carpet. You should also experiment with some jewelry if you want to pull off red carpet jewelry as they do.

Jewelry for a red-carpet event should come from renowned jewelry brands, just like celebrities. Ruby engagement rings have been a hot item amongst A-class celebrities lately, being spotted on the fingers of names like Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham, and Katy Perry. The jewelry does not have to be expensive, but it will probably be so you can either buy or rent it.

The jewelry you wear to a red-carpet event should dazzle and amaze. It should also complement your best features, which you should be looking for when shopping for jewelry.

Dress or Accessory; Choose One

The beauty tip to remember when choosing red carpet attire is that you can make a statement with either your dress or accessory but not both. Therefore, you have to decide which one to grab attention with when you are out on the red carpet.

Your favorite celebrity probably wears a fantastic dress with minimal accessories or exuberant accessories with a simple dress. That is the way they dress, and accessories complement each other.

Simple dresses with minimal adornments make excellent backgrounds for extravagant jewelry. Contrarily, the more accessories a dress has, the simpler the jewelry you wear should be.

Forget Your Age

A grave mistake many people make when dressing for the red carpet is dressing their age. You will never see your favorite celebrity do that, as red carpet fashion is more a matter of self-expression than anything else. 

Glamour has no age, and when dressing for the red carpet, looking glamorous should be your priority. Do not think about if a dress fits your age but more so about how the dress fits you.

Choose a dress that will showcase your best features, even if it means showing off some skin. A modern hairstyle and slick dress will make you look ageless so forget your age.

Photograph Yourself Before the Event

You will probably use a mirror before you head for the event to check out how you look. However, when heading to a red-carpet event, the camera is your best friend, not the mirror.

It would be best to photograph yourself before the event because you will be taking plenty of photos during the event. It will provide you with a sneak preview of how you will look during the event. You can know how to strike the best poses, deal with the lighting, and many other factors.

Pulling off red carpet fashion like your favorite celebrity is much easier said than done. Much will go into your look, and the above tips should help. However, ultimately pulling off the look is a matter of confidence more than anything else. 

Written by Monella