How to Travel to Jamaica Like a Celebrity

The nature of celebrity has changed a great deal in the Internet age. Before the worldwide rollout of high-speed Internet access and the proliferation of content that followed, a relatively small number of people claimed the lion’s share of the money paid out to the talent in the entertainment industry. Many of the biggest hit albums of the ‘90s, for instance, sold in excess of 10 million copies because everyone listened to the music that was on the radio. Today, radio is less relevant than ever because streaming services have put virtually the entire history of recorded music at your fingertips. 

Few people buy albums anymore – so unless you happen to be Taylor Swift or own the publishing rights for a library of classic songs, you’re probably not making much money these days if you’re a musician. A well-known band like The Who can record an album that hits #2 on the U.S. charts but doesn’t earn enough money to cover its recording costs. The television and film industries suffer from the same revenue shortfalls, and the end result is that many of the world’s celebrities aren’t nearly as rich as you might think.

If you follow the average celebrity’s Instagram feed, you might think the exact opposite. Celebrities, after all, certainly know how to travel in style. You’ve seen the pictures of the private planes, scenic locales and high-end clothing. The real reason why celebrities have access to those things, though, isn’t because they’re wealthy – it’s because they know how to travel. You can enjoy the same benefits when you travel to an island paradise like Jamaica. Enjoying those perks doesn’t require wealth – it just requires connecting with people who understand what true luxury is and know how to provide it. When you rent a private villa at a destination like Coconut Cottage in Montego Bay, you’ll enjoy a level of luxury that you once thought was reserved only for celebrities.

Here’s what it means to travel to Jamaica like a celebrity.

It Means Having a Private Driver

For many people, one of the biggest stressors of traveling to an unfamiliar country is arranging transportation. Renting a car can be a nightmare at busy airports. You may not be completely clear on what the local driving laws are. You can’t always be entirely confident about the accuracy of your phone’s navigation app, and if your flight happens to arrive at night, just getting from the airport to your lodgings can be a frightening experience unless you’re a seasoned world traveler.

So, what does it mean when you stay at a villa that offers a private driver? It means getting picked up from the airport instead of renting a car or hailing a taxi. It means having transportation to wherever you’d like to go during your stay. When you have a private driver, you don’t need to fight your way through traffic, worry about inaccurate driving directions or struggle to find parking spots. 

It Means Having a Private Chef

If you’ve spent some time in a popular resort city, you’re all too familiar with some of the unpleasant aspects of dining in a place where the best restaurants are always packed. The first challenge is getting a reservation at all. If you’re not in the mood to grease someone’s palm, good luck even getting in if the restaurant is popular enough. You’ve probably endured the sideways glances from an impatient waiter if you have special dietary preferences or restrictions, and you certainly know what it’s like to be rushed through a meal because another group is waiting for your table.

Traveling to Jamaica like a celebrity means having a private chef, and that means not having to deal with any of the stress of dining in a resort city because your meals are prepared when and how you want them – and the best seat in the house is always yours.

It Means Having Common Areas to Yourself

You don’t want to spend your entire vacation cooped up in your room – you want to get out and enjoy the other amenities that the property has to offer. The problem with staying at a resort, though, means that other people also want to enjoy those amenities. If you don’t get up early, you won’t get a good seat by the pool. The best exercise equipment in the gym is always in use. Sometimes, unruly guests hamper your ability to enjoy your stay. When you stay at a private villa, though, you don’t have to worry about any of those inconveniences. Whenever you want to enjoy one of the property’s amenities, it’s available for you.

It Means Experiencing True Exclusivity

Have you ever noticed that when celebrities share their vacation photos on Instagram, it looks like there’s no one around for miles? That’s the kind of experience you can have when you rent a private villa. When you stay at a resort, there’s almost no way to go outside and feel like you have the place to yourself. There’s always someone using the hammock or playing with the lawn toys, and there are always people hogging the most scenic spots for their Instagram photos. Traveling like a celebrity means having the run of the entire property and exploring the best spots at your own pace. It also means having all the time you need to stage the perfect Instagram photos that are going to leave your friends green with envy.

It Means Enjoying a Stress-Free Vacation

The best way to enjoy your vacation to the fullest extent is by ensuring that you do as little of your own work as possible, and that’s the final reason why staying at a private villa makes you feel like a celebrity. With an on-site laundress, you don’t have to worry about washing your clothes. You’ll have an on-site security staff, so there’s no need to worry about safety. A private villa like Coconut Cottage even gives you access to an on-site butler and concierge, so if you need to get a hot ticket or a dinner reservation – or you just want some advice about what to do that day – there’s someone ready to help. Traveling to Jamaica like a celebrity means having no cares whatsoever, and that’s the kind of experience you can have at a private villa.

Written by Monella