Hozho Spawns Novel Melodark Grooves With New Single “Troubles In Paradise”

Burgeoning electronic artist Hozho has recently captivated audiences with his self-styled ‘Melodark’ sound. With his latest release, ‘Troubles in Paradise’, the Portuguese gets listeners to take a walk on the experimental side as the hypnotic allure of his new single swarms the senses.

Punctuated by a liquid beat, the track is peppered with slight nuances that enrich the track’s chronicle. Hozho’s brilliance shines in his ability to amalgamate all this dynamism into a simplistic workout that is a potent slice of melodramatic ‘Melodark’ grooves.

In February 2022, HOZHO released his track „Honey Trap“ which gained already over 4 million video views on his YouTube channel (>150k subscribers).

Hozho explains on his Instagram meaning of the new single “Troubles In Paradise”: It’s been a long time since my last release. “Honey Trap” was a game changer, no doubt of that. But when everything seems to be going well, problems start to arise. It’s weird… we think that when we achieve a success we will feel good and happy about it but the reality can be quite different, only to realize that even in paradise you still have your everyday problems: you got girl problems, you got boy problems, you got boss problems, you got job problems, you got a problem with me and you got a problem with yourselves. So that’s what “Troubles In Paradise” is about!

Written by Magdalena

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