HRVY Million Ways Music Video Review

Today CelebMix was lucky enough to be invited to a special release event for HRVY’s new music video ‘Million Ways’, the single for the track was released on November 8th. During the day we had a unique question and answer session with HRVY and Loren Gray before watching the video.

What is your biggest achievement?

HRVY: I was told the other day that cumulative I have reached I think a billion streams which is insane!

Loren: I was watching the ball drop on TV when I saw a quick glimpse of the recent Forever 21 billboard I have done. That was cool.

What inspired the music video ‘Million Ways’?

HRVY: I wanted to have a music video where I dress differently, cooler and more vintage compared to my other videos. I have never really acted in a video before and this one is different as I am not singing into the camera as usual. The main inspiration is from the film ‘Dirty Dancing’.

If you could go back in time and do something different what would you do and why?

Loren: I wouldn’t change anything, I believe that everything that has happened and I have done or achieved is always for a reason.

What is your favourite part of creating a music video?

Loren: For me, the best part is seeing everything come together as so much work goes into making these videos from many different people. So once everything comes together it is amazing.

HRVY: I like the dance element and the rehearsal space. I like a challenge and spend lots of time rehearsing to make the routine as perfect as possible.

Where in the world would you love to go?

Loren: I would love to go to Paris.

HRVY: I have been to around 24 countries in 8 months but I would love to go to Antarctica and do a HRVY on Ice concert.

When do you have time to relax and chill out?

HRVY: Most of the time I spend waiting around for different events so I use that time as my chill time but I always seem to be working as I see social media as work.

Loren: Working is more fun than doing nothing and social media is my success and is so impactful so when I have chill time I am always working on social media. 

Who has been your favourite choreographer?

HRVY: I work really well with Kenny Wormald, especially in this video as he taught me how to ballroom dance for the video as well as helping me with my facial expressions as I find acting a challenge. 

The ‘Million Ways’ video is based on the classic film ‘Dirty Dancing’ and is a completely different style for HRVY. The video was released on November 13th and the fans have gone crazy for the release. He tweeted.

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Written by Indiatabony

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