Hunter Hayes Releases The Music Video To Brand New Single “Dear God”

It was only Friday when Hunter Hayes dropped his flat-out incredible new track “Dear God” that hit us right in the heart, and now we’ve got a heart-filled passion performance-based music video to go with it.

He made his name known with the song “Wanted” back in 2012, becoming a country viral sensation, which charted well in the US and Canada. Then, in 2013, Hunter Hayes charted well again with the single “I Want Crazy”, and lately he has been focusing on deep personalised country music, and this latest one has got us to the core, but what is interesting is that the music video is a pure performance piece reminiscent of his debut single “Storm Warning”.

Of the song, Hunter Hayes said in an email newsletter: “I had written a letter on a plane that was at first ‘Dear World’ and then I realized I was writing to God. Andy Grammer took the series of questions we were making for the chorus and turned the last one into ‘are you sure that you don’t mess up’ which hit me so hard because I ask that all the time. I think I’m not the only one. It’s a valid question and one I truly believe you don’t ask unless you already know that answer because the opposite would be entirely too scary to live with. The song’s description of the nights I question my world couldn’t be more vulnerable. I love where it all ends… just remind me – you don’t mess up. I love this song and the message. We all face the question of being good enough for the world around us… Dear God just remind us you don’t mess up…”

The music video sees Hunter Hayes give the visual his all as stunning graphics are used to further capture the audience. It really shows how far he has come as an artist in comparison to performance-based debut music video “Storm Warning”. He continues to show his artistry, all the while displaying that he can give us a high-quality music video that is full of emotion and passion that is one we will remember.

Watch Hunter Hayes’ Music Video For “Dear God” Here:

“Dear God” is the new single from Hunter Hayes and is available to download and stream right now, via Atlantic Recording Corporation and WEA International Inc.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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