Hyolyn releases Dally, the 2nd song of her Set-Up Time trilogy

On the 23rd of April, Hyolyn released Dally, her second song since she created her own label, Bridge entertainment. The chilling and soothing RnB track was produced by none other than Gray and it features him as well. In an interview which was uploaded on Hyolyn’s official channel however, Gray says that it was her that came up with the melody part and with her verse herself. In less than 2 weeks, the dark dance-centred music video, which gives a strong independent woman vibe, has reached more than 3 million views.

Fans who did not understand Korean and looked up the lyrics were surprised to find out that Dally is actually a break-up song. It tells the story of a couple who lost their passion and agree on breaking up since their relationship seemed to be going nowhere, showing both points of view – an original and refreshing story, yet very realistic at the same time.

The choreography

Hyolyn gave dance a huge importance lately: ever since she left Starship entertainment, she took many dance lessons – some of which she uploaded previews on her Instagram account – and went to 1million’s studio to dance on Hyojin Choi’s choreography on her own song Blue Moon. Plus, the week before Dally was released, two short clips of Hyolyn dancing with Nicole Kirkland and Ciera Nichols on Rihanna’s Pour it up and David Guetta’s Mad Love were uploaded.

Dally’s choreography was created by Aliya Janell and was a huge success; in less than a week, a huge number of dance covers spurred among the kpop dance community on YouTube. Hyolyn released a dance practice video a week after the music video came out on her YouTube channel, in which she dances alongside Aliya Janell in Playground’s studio, Los Angeles.

Previous releases

From singing to dancing and rapping, Hyolyn can do it all. She was the leader of Sistar, Starship entertainment’s very successful girlgroup who were also known among kpop fans as “the queens of summer” and whose biggest hits were Alone, Touch My Body, So Cool and Shake it. The quartet disbanded last summer on good terms, so that all members would be able to focus on their own path.

Hyolyn also released a full album and a mini under Starship as a solo singer. The title-tracks show her versatility: One-Way Love was a heartbreaking song about being trapped in a destructive relationship whereas Paradise was joyful and carefree song. Last year, Hyolyn also released Blue Moon with Changmo and Fruity with Kisum, both songs having been produced by Groovyroom.

This year, in February, Hyolyn released “To Do List”, a song in which she compares letting go of the other person she loves to a task on her to do list, for which she keeps on procrastinating – a beautiful acoustic song which makes her voice shine.

To Do List was the first song of the “Set Up Time” trilogy and Dally was the second one, so we can only now look forward to the third one. We will be patiently waiting! What are your thoughts? Let us know on Twitter using @CelebMix

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